IKEA Floor Lamp

Amazing IKEA – the Swedish design company that brought elegance and beauty to everyday products – including floor lamps. Shop here for the wonderful standing lamps from IKEA. Add a touch of flare to office, bedroom and living room with a refined IKEA floor lamp. Choose from these beautifully designed floor lamps now.

Superb IKEA Uplighter Floor Lamp

Ikea Uplighter Floor Lamp

IKEA uplighter floor lamp for gentle uplighting to add mood and tone to any living interior. View the IKEA uplighter floor lamp here.

The Ideal IKEA Tall Lamp

Ikea Tall Lamp

IKEA tall lamp style is found in the stunning IKEA Ypperlig LED floor lamp. Learn about this IKEA tall lamp others too.

Desirable IKEA Paper Floor Lamp

Ikea Paper Floor Lamp

IKEA paper floor lamp adds a subtle glow to sitting room or bedroom. See the easy-to-assemble IKEA paper floor lamp here.

Cute and Simple IKEA Floor Lamp

Simple IKEA floor lamp

A classic, simple floor light from IKEA suits any room – lounge, bedroom, nursery, office or library. And it’s affordable.

Holmo Floor Lamp

Holmo Floor Lamp from Ikea

Holmo floor lamp from IKEA adds a subtle quality to any room, whether living space or bedroom. See the paper Holmo floor lamp here.

IKEA Standard Lamps

Ikea Standard Lamps

IKEA standard lamp fashion turns your living room into a special place to relax and entertain. View the most popular standard lamp here.


Arc Floor Lamp Ikea

Arc floor lamp Ikea offers include this dramatic model for living room and reception area. Order a lovely arc floor lamp from Ikea here.

Unusual IKEA Vidja Standing Lamp

Ikea Vidja Floor Lamp

IKEA Vidja floor lamp review showing how to incorporate this beautiful paper standing lamp into your living room space. Order yours now.

Choose the Elegant IKEA LED Uplighter Lamp

Ikea LED Floor Lamp

Ikea LED floor lamps add stylish and useful accents to your décor. Here is Ikea’s flagship LED uplighter standing lamp.

Beautiful IKEA Standard Lamp

Ikea Standing Lamp with 3 Lamps

Ikea standard lamp for living room, bedroom or office. Read more about these beautiful, simple and unobtrusive lamps that add atmosphere while saving space.