Office Lamps

Office lamps need not be boring and conventional. Choose from arc LED lamps, pharmacy style standards, soothing classic and mid century styles. My particular favorite is the torchiere-style ceiling-facing LED lamp that reflects light bulbs off the ceiling to deliver a wide pool of wide, bright light.

Cool Office Floor Lamps

Why not choose an alternative, space saving cool floor lamp for your office? Here is a shelf lamp and a multi-headed model. Get your now!

Brightech Litespan Bright LED Floor Lamp Reading

Here’s the perfect arced LED floor lamp for your home office. It comes from Brightech, leaders in home lighting technology. Take a look.

Best Home Office Floor Lamp

Two wonderful home office floor lamps – one of them a classic and the other a modern LED lamp. Have a look at them here.

Tall Lamp for Office

Something different for the office: a tall desk lamp that clamps to the edge. Save space and ensure you lamp won’t fall over. Two models to choose from.

Bright Office Floor Lamp

Choose from two Brightech LED lamps – or go for the Dimunt LED lamp. Check them out here so you can move to light up your office.

Best Standing Lamp for Office Use

You need and space and energy saving floor lamp in your office – one you can dim and brighten and that delivers strong light. Here are two to choose from

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super-Bright Standing Floor Lamp

Trying to brighten up a foyer, office or entrance hall? Consider these two Brightec torchiere floor lamps. Choose one and order it online.

Office Floor Lamps Natural Light Equivalent

Here are two lamps that give a glowing natural light to an office – not that glaring strip light variety! Pick your affordable model now.

Best Floor Lamp for Dark Office

Two bright and impressive floor lamps for a dark office or any other dark room. Select one of these and you will be satisfied.