Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

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Are you searching for a beautiful modern corner lamp for your office? The Addlon LED modern shelf floor lamp can serve as a corner floor lamp, narrow side table, bookcase, or display shelf and provides generous storage space to add style and function to any room.

The LED bulb is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. Featured with high-quality linen lampshade, these 63-70 inches, 4-tier floor lamps are a perfect added accessory to living rooms, foyer, hallways, and offices to give them a modern feel of residential lighting. Its warm white light helps you create a comfortable space to relax or to enjoy a favorite hobby.

Addlon LED modern shelf floor lamp

Bring a transitional touch to your home office with this Addlon Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp. It features 4 tiers made of high-density fiber material, ideal for holding artwork or decorations, and an open center section perfect for displaying keepsakes, books, or photos.

The Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp has a beautiful white linen lampshade that gives a soft, warm glow lighting to your room, providing the right amount of brightness with the energy-saving 3000K LED bulb, which is included in the package- isn’t it cool? That’s not all; theAddlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp comes in handy with 15 minutes installation process, which can be completed easily with a video tutorial. Moreover, you get a 3-years warranty so, be confident about your purchase.

Featuring an elegant and contemporary design, the Addlon 4-tier corner floor lamp is perfect for rooms with limited space. Built with a sturdy wooden shelf meant for holding books, pictures, or other small items, it fits a variety of styles and creates an ultimate lighting experience with its 3 color temperature settings.

Using the pull-chain, it’s easy to switch color temperatures whenever you need and enjoy the warm cozy hours according to your desired brightness. The Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp uses torque to keep steady without falling apart. So install it quickly, and the lamp is ready to emit a bright and relaxing light throughout the room.

Pazzo shelf floor lamp

Alternatively choose the sophisticated Pazzo Etagere Organizer from Pazzo lighting. This beautiful LED column lamp with shelves includes a slanted surface with a USB port where you place your cell phone while it charges. The Pazzo pillar lamp comes in more than one colour too. I like the aquamarine Pazzo lamp…

So it’s the Addlon LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp or the Pazzo Column Lamp. Compare prices now!

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