LED Floor Lamp

LED Floor Lamps for Reading

Looking for a bright, adjustable LED reading lamp? Choose from these two super reading lights that are dimmable and can be adjusted.

Handy Indoor Floor Spot Light

Choose from this cool single floor spot light for plant nursery or conservatory, or order a set of 4 floor spotlights for a grow room.

Living Room Stand Up Lights

Pick from these two lovely LED living room lamps: a multi-light stunner and a classic type with a canvas shade. You can order from Amazon via this website.

IKEA Floor Lamps Lighting

Choose from two stylish IKEA lamps: the famous NOT uplighter lamp and the Lersta silver pharmacy-style standing lamp. Order yours now!

Best LED Light on the Floor

Choose between a tough and workman-like magnifying floor lamp or an exotic free standing light powered by LED bulbs. Order yours now.

Outdoor Free Standing Lights

Choose from a dignified carriage-style light that comes with a planter, and a set of LED solar power lights you can plant anywhere in the garden.

Floor Lamp with 4 Lights

Choose a 4 light floor lamp so that your workroom or living room receives a wonderful, profound pool of light for work and play.

Floor Lamp with Lots of Light

Here is the floor lamp we recommend if you need lots of bright light for crafts, reading or anything else. Order yours from Amazon now…

Great Cordless Floor Lamp Rechargeable

Choose between a dinky table top rechargeable cordless you can carry around, and one that stands on the floor and is easily movable.

Powerful Floor Lamps that Light Up a Room

You want a super-bright LED light to transform a dull, dark room into a lovely bright space? Choose from one of these two lovely models.