Black Floor Lamps

Black floor lamps add elegance and drama to any interior. And maybe even any exterior (think veranda, patio and courtyard). Explore the wonderful world of black lamps in a vast variety of styles, from sleek, modern LED lights to antique-looking pharmacy or lantern-shaped lamps to classic arched types. There are even black corner lamps that deliver a colored array of light rays…

Fantastic Black Tripod Floor Lamp with White Shade

Black tripod lamp with white shade

Whether you want to add some vintage beauty to your elegant interior or want to top up your traditional home décor with a touch of modernity, a fantastic black tripod floor lamp with white shade can be a perfect choice. The fascinating white lampshade of this floor lamp is highly efficient in converting the bright…

Amazing Black Stick Floor Lamp

Turn your gaming room, bedroom or living room into something totally different with a black stick floor lamp with RGBIC.

Black Overhanging Floor Lamp

The Brightech Trilage floor lamp that has it all – a graceful arc and three lights. Or choose the classic BRIGHTECH Mason…

Elegant Black and Cream Floor Lamp

Two classically styled black and cream floor lamps with slight arches. Choose from two affordable Addlon or Rottogoon models

Choose an Impressive Black Dome Floor Lamp

Two striking black dome floor lamps for tasks, work benches, bars, studies and offices. Choose one to buy at Amazon.

All-Black Floor Lamp

A matte, industrial-style all-black floor lamps and a pharmacy-style black standard lamp. Which one will you choose?

Black Floor Lamp with Table

Save space with a floor lamp and side table combined. One of these models has a USB port. The other has an arc shape.

Black Chandelier Floor Lamp

Two lovely modern chandelier floor lamps to choose from. One is minimalist and the other full chandelier! Look here.

Black and Grey Floor Lamp

A dignified, calm look created by both of these black and grey floor lamps – one a classical modern lamp and the other an arc lamp.

Gorgeous Black Mesh Floor Lamp

Lovely, unusual floor lamps add so much mood and atmosphere to a room. Choose from these two metal lamps – one with a mesh shade and the other a cage lamp.