Black Floor Lamps

Black floor lamps add elegance and drama to any interior. And maybe even any exterior (think veranda, patio and courtyard). Explore the wonderful world of black lamps in a vast variety of styles, from sleek, modern LED lights to antique-looking pharmacy or lantern-shaped lamps to classic arched types. There are even black corner lamps that deliver a colored array of light rays…

Dimming Black and White Floor Lamp

A black and white floor lamp makes a strong statement in your office, study or living room. Choose from these two handsome LED models.

Attractive Black Freestanding Lamp

I recommend these two black freestanding lamps to create a bold statement in any space – especially an office, workroom, bar or study

Stunning Black RGB Floor Light

Have you seen these color-changing corner lights? They create atmosphere and save space. Place them in the corners – and then party!

Industrial Black Pipe Floor Lamp

Compare these two attractive, industrial style black pipe lamps now available on Amazon. One has vertical glass shades.

Exotic Black Wire Floor Lamp

Add drama to your interior with one of these two wire floor lamps: a black metal cage lamp and a diamond wire tree model.

Black Etagere Organizer with Lamp

Choose between these two lovely column-style lamps with shelves topped by a linen-covered lights. Save space, save money! Buy now.

Super Black Stand-Up Lamp

A wonderful arched black stand-up lamp adds a great accent to any living space. Or choose this handsome industrial-style floor lamp.

Black and Gold Standing Lamp

Choose from two lovely black and gold standing lamps, both with elegant tripod designs. Elevate your living room or office to something special.

Lovely Black Wicker Floor Lamp

A wicker, rope or rattan floor lamp gives a rustic tone to any living space. Choose from one of these two lovely lamps and buy at Amazon.