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Use the search facility to find the perfect floor lamp See images of specific lamps as they fit into decor I love floor lamps so much that I design entire interiors around lamps. They impart wonderful style while delivering excellent lighting You’ll find my advice (with photos) on floor lamp placement and how to incorporate a floor lamp into any setting Enhance the living room, study, office and patio with elegant floor lamps There are dozens of floor lamp styles: • midcentury modern floor lamp • industrial • torchiere • arc floor lamp • tripod floor lamp • vintage • lamps with shelves Explore the beautifully lit world of the contemporary floor lamp Place a floor reading lamp in the right spot and you will be amazed at how the room changes Bedroom floor lamp can be wooden, silver, chrome, gold or brass Enhance your living space with an exotic tree lamp – or even a lamp atop a toy donkey!

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Subtle IKEA White Floor Lamp

Ikea White Floor Lamp

IKEA white floor lamp adds beauty to any room – living, room, bedroom or nursery. Find out more and order your your IKEA white floor lamp here.

Unusual IKEA Vidja Standing Lamp

Ikea Vidja Floor Lamp

IKEA Vidja floor lamp review showing how to incorporate this beautiful paper standing lamp into your living room space. Order yours now.

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Modern Stainless Steel Floor Lamps

Choose from these two slinky stainless steel silver floor lamps for office and living room. They’re sleek, neat and clean.

New Modern Chrome Arc LED Floor Lamp

Choose from these two graceful chrome arched lamps. They are great space savers in office, living room and any small space.

Mid Century Overarching Floor Lamp

Want to save space while enabling bright light in a place such over a sofa, armchair or desk? Choose from these handsome arched lamps.

Modern Rustic Wood Arc Floor Lamp

Add a country touch to your work, play or relaxation area with one of these lovely wooden arched floor lamps.

Popular MCM Floor Lamp with Table

A table with an attached floor lamp is the height of utility. Great for the TV room, lounge or in a small bedroom.

Beautiful FIMEI Floor Lamp

Here is a totally different look that will suit a modern office, a craft room or a workshop. It’s a space-saving split lamp.