Subtle IKEA White Floor Lamp

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The key ingredient in designing an inviting and warm home atmosphere is lighting. A floor lamp is both a layered source of illumination and a sculptural point of focus. An IKEA white floor lamp has the power to transform completely a room’s ambience.

Our moods are positively impacted by thoughtful lighting, as well as making everyone appear attractive, in the right light.

Very bright and harshly lit areas like supermarkets and hospitals are this way for good reasons. It does not mean they are pleasant places to be. Light does not need to fill out homes, rather soft pools of illumination sprinkled about.

IKEA ARSTID white floor Lamp

The ARSTID series of floor lamps is cherished by its maker, IKEA. Not only does it fit in most décor designs, its design is timeless. Several lamps from the series can be combined to create a comfortable, soft light with a unified appearance.

The textile shade offers a decorative and diffused light. The shade is made of 100% polyester while the tube and base plate are made from a combination of nickel-plating, steel and acrylic coating.

IKEA white floor lamp

Any room is enhanced by the instant atmosphere that floor lamps provide. This is because a textured lighting result is created, which is important to the eye. Variation to the eye is crucial to our feeling of being in a room. A room is made cozy due to the combination of lowlights and highlights.

In addition to the light they produce, floor lamps also add a vertical, sculptural item to focus on. They are used to balance out horizontal lines such as sofas, coffee table and dining tables.

Feature floor lamps are used as an alternative to not only artwork, but empty spaces, especially in corners. This is why a floor lamp that looks fantastic while off or on is crucial.

IKEA floor lamps white

When a comfy armchair meets the ideal IKEA white floor lamp, interior design magic happens. This combination produces a cozy reading nook.

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