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The IKEA tripod lamp is a classic, for very good reasons. Depending on the space, a tripod floor lamp from IKEA can prove very versatile. For example, they can be used to frame artwork or a sofa, for a very striking look.

An IKEA tripod lamp can also be paired with other furnishings to produce an interesting and cohesive overall effect. Due to their symmetry, tripod lamps always please the eye.

Placing a chic IKEA arc tripod floor lamp in a corner within reach of your favorite armchair makes it both stylish and useful, as you can read your favorite book under is warm, cozy glow.

IKEA tripod floor lamp

IKEA floor standing lamps are both functional and decorative. Practically, they are simple to install, do not take up much space and are easy from one place to another. This makes them a great interior design investment for both homeowners and renters.

Challenging areas of a space like a dark corner or the middle of a room benefit greatly from standing floor lamps. IKEA tripod floor lamps give rooms with low ceilings an illusion of height.

Uplighter IKEA floor lamp

Contemporary and modern uplighter floor lamps by IKEA feature streamlined details and shapes if the interior style of your room is more contemporary and modern.

A tripod base with a drum-shaped shade plays well in this type of space, without overwhelming your interior design.

Eclectic uplighters give you bonus style points, because they introduce a bold lighting element to coincide with the rest of décor pieces.

Best IKEA metal floor lamp

The IKEA metal floor lamp range is part of what is known as the warm industrial range of floor lamps – which is inclusive of mixed metal floor lamps, copper floor lamps and chrome floor lamps.

Mixed metal, distressed and polished style floor lamps from IKEA – and an IKEA tripod lamp – work well in many types of spaces. These include spaces featuring lots of urban, concrete, exposed brick and glass elements.

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