Ultimate Guide to Stylish IKEA Floor Lamps

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A properly placed IKEA floor lamp can change the ambience, mood and feel of a room instantly.

The importance of lighting in a home is extraordinary. Lighting placed correctly on the floor can highlight features and create dynamic focal points, whereas the lack of good lighting can make a space seem flat and unremarkable. In this article we will talk about lamps placed on the floor and how best to use them for functional and aesthetic reasons. This form of appliance is a tall, self-supporting lamp that stands on the floor with the light on top.

Room analysis

An IKEA standing lamp can be used in most interior spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, office areas, reading nooks, hallways etc.

Choosing the right floor lamp IKEA offers for the right space is important. Analyze your space, your furniture arrangement, and the intended functionality of the area so that you can choose the right floor lamp, as well as plan the placement thereof on the floor. It is important that your standing light not only looks beautiful and adds to the aesthetic of your interior, but it should be functional too. For example, the beautiful RANARP lamp in a reading corner would be the perfect solution. The adjustable nature makes it flexible and practical to use.

Light bulb moment: some common lighting mistakes

  • Relying on one central light source

This is a very one-dimensional view of using light. Consider layering lighting by using floor lamps, table lamps, pendants etc.

Layer light to create interest and texture. It also creates different zones within a space for various purposes or tasks.

  • Unwanted dark areas or shadows

Floor lamps can be such an easy solution to open up dark areas. They are also portable and can easily be moved from place to place on the floor as needed. Shadows should only fall where you want them to.

  • No dimmers

A dimmable light is user friendly. You can have a fully powered light when working from home, but a dimmer, more moody light when entertaining.

  • The wrong bulb

A perfectly placed floor lamp with the wrong bulb can spoil the atmosphere of a room. Choose the correct tone of light for that specific floor space.

Cool or warm lighting

Lighting can change the mood of an area depending on which type of bulb you purchase. Cool or white light add a brighter, more modern feel and is a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and workshops.

Warm light bulbs create warmth, making the atmosphere seem cozy and comfortable. It helps to makes you feel naturally more relaxed and therefore is a popular choice for bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges. This light is also often used to highlight features such as architectural detail.
There are many various warm and cool light bulbs to choose from. Ensure that you make the right choice for the ambience you want to create.

IKEA boasts the ‘FLUGBO uplit/read lamp’ which has both a cool spotlight for task lighting as well as a warm, up-light to create ambience when needed.

The size of a LED floor lamp

Yes, size is important!

An extremely tall one can easily overwhelm a space whereas a very short, stubby one can look out of place. Ideally, the height of a floor lamp should be the same height and any table lamp in your room. Its very important that the model you choose is in proportion to the space it is in. Also consider an adjustable type that can vary in height depending on your needs. This allows you more flexibility and the ability to use the lamp in various spaces. IKEA have various sizes of standing lights and all features and dimensions can be viewed on their website: ikea.com

Best IKEA floor lamps as décor items

The standard light is a décor piece and can be used as a practical sculpture in your home. It should complement the overall style of your interior and add to the general ambience. There are many different designs available, that you are sure to find something that appeals to you.

Points to keep in mind when purchasing floor lamps:

• Scale or size: Is it in proportion to the rest of the room and furnishings?
• Maintenance: is it easy to clean and maintain?
• Design: Will the design serve you long term? Does it compliment your décor style, colour scheme etc? Is it a timeless piece?
• Placement: Is it functional in the space?

Types of standing lamps for your home

IKEA lamps offer the convenience of practical and flexible designs for any space, large or small. There are a multitude of designs and colors of to choose from in modern or classic styles. The lamps are also available in various finishes and materials like wood, metal, and metallics. Wood gives a natural, subtle texture to your home, where metals are more defined and modern.

There are many various styles and designs of these lovely items. Here are a few of the more commonly found ones to compare with Target floor lamps for example. IKEA’s range includes these styles and more:

Standard lamp
This is a very basic style featuring a solid base, long straight column and a simple shade around a light bulb. This has a classic, timeless quality with clean lines. An example of this type is the IKEA RINGSTA/SKAFTET lamp.

Swing arm floor lamp
This one looks similar to the club lamp, except that there is an ‘arm’ extending out across from the traditional middle column which can swing right or left. This makes it great for adjusting light within an area. The HALKIP is a lovely swing arm floor lamp to consider.

Torchière lamp
This beautiful standing light features a triangular shade that points the light upwards. Excellent for highlighting architectural features or artwork. The HEKTOGRAM spreads and diffuses pleasant light into a room.

Tripod lamp
This IKEA floor lamp typically features 3 columns or legs that hold the lampshade and bulb upright. This is currently quite an on-trend lighting option. The FYXNÄS is a very modern and unique version of the three-legged floor lamp.

Arc floor lamp
This IKEA floor lamp is a beautiful contemporary piece, that has an extended, arched column with a lampshade and bulb on the end. This makes a significant statement in any interior. The NYMÖ/SKAFTET overhanging light is a beautiful example of an arc light.

Should floor lamps match?

Should you require two or more lights in a particular room, it is not necessary to match them, as long as they are complimentary in some way. However, matching floor lamps do create a sense of unity and balance in a space. The best decision is made by analysing the space in relation to the placement of your lamps:

  • If you are placing a floor lamp on either side of a couch or fireplace, then its best to have a matching pair to create balance. Two different lamps would look awkward.
  • In a small space, matching lamps are best to create a cohesive, uncluttered look.
  • Different floor lamps work well in an open plan area with more space.

Why decorators pick these lamps

An IKEA floor lamp can take a living shop room from standard to spectacular with the flick of a switch. The various styles of IKEA floor lamp (such as kids home textiles) can inject a bit of fun, creative flair, and personality into a room. Floor lamps are a wonderful way to create an accent or fill and empty corner.

Floor lamps are also portable and versatile from room to room making them popular in the summer shop marketplace. Re-arrange furniture and create a new striking look and mood. A floor lamp can also be re-dressed with a new lampshade. This is a cost-effective way to re-energize its look. Various interesting fabrics and designs can be used.

The best IKEA lamps for decorators

The YPPERLIG floor lamp can create an eye catching, stylish, modern feel that brings a bit of understated drama into your room. It has a built-in touch dimmer which allows you to choose lighting for every occasion. They look great when used in sets of two.

Add a dash of feminine flair using the pink REGNSKUR/SKAFTET floor lamp to produce a beautiful, restful atmosphere. The lampshade is also easy to remove and machine wash.


Add a dash of feminine flair using the pink REGNSKUR/SKAFTET floor lamp to produce a beautiful, restful atmosphere over the beds. The lampshade is also easy to remove and machine wash.

The SKURUP floor lamp has an industrial, modern and stylish feel, but its simple black metal design is enough to style any contemporary home. It provides excellent direct light that is good for shining onto the page of a book or magazine.

A simple nook is highlighted by the gorgeous aluminium LERSTA floor lamp. Any bookworm would be happy to snuggle under this light. The arm is easily adjustable so as to aim the light exactly where you want it.

A coastal residence could be beautifully accented by the LAUTERS IKEA floor lamp. The natural wood embraces the simplicity of beach life and adds an earthy texture to your home. The height is also adjustable to suit your needs.

A classic standard lamp like the RINGSTA/SKAFTET is simple enough to not overwhelm a small space but creates visual interest in a very humble way. This is often used in bedrooms and living rooms. The lampshade is also made from recycled plastic which lowers your environmental impact.

The EVEDAL floor lamp can add interest to a Scandinavian interior with its soft hues and clean lines. The base is marble and the glass lampshade is mouth blown by skilled craftsmen which makes it very unique.

The IKEA arched floor lamp ÄLVSTARR/SKAFTET arc floor lamp is eye-catching, decorative and transforms a spacious open plan area by making it feel complete.

Inspired by old factories and theaters is the oversized HEKTAR floor lamp that can add an artistic flair to a room. The IKEA Hektar floor lamp head is adjustable and gives good, concentrated light. It looks good in a home bar.

An IKEA/VIDJA floor lamp has an interesting tubular shape with a white textile shade, which spreads a soft, attractive light through a room. IKEA floor lamps paper is perfect for a tranquil bedroom.

The HOLMO floor lamp has a similar tubular shape but has a shade made from paper that spreads diffused, decorative light. The material for the IKEA paper lamp is sourced from responsibly managed forests and therefore lowers the environmental impact of this product.

Floor lamp pricing

The floor lamp range for room deals appliance wise has a vast array of interesting designs that are excellent quality and use an LED bulb. The pricing varies from US $14.99 – US$ 54.99 making it very affordable for most. You should easily be able to find something attractive in the home summer shop that fits within your budget.


By 2030, IKEA hopes to use LED bulb products in line with sustainable shop trends that are recycled, renewable or sourced in a responsible way, making it a sustainable living shop. In some products like the RINGSTA/SKAFTET IKEA floor lamp they are already using recycled plastic to reduce the impact on the environment. Together, lets choose to support a company that is committed to preserving our environment and our future.

You can browse the full range rooms design deals of every IKEA floor lamp (shop rooms bedroom) on amazon.com or ikea.com.