Arc Floor Lamp

Arc floor lamp styles vary from vintage to industrial, modern to mid- century, pharmacy to LED wand lights. Explore the world of arched lamps that make optimal use of limited space in office, living room and bedroom, while producing a wide pool of light for reading, tasks and entertaining.

Pretty Gold Overhanging Lamp

A gold overhang lamp saves space whilst making an elegant statement. Choose from a subtle Brightech model and this industrial-era type.

Thai-Style Rattan Arc Floor Lamp

The exotic Dupuley rattan arc floor lamp is great for closed patios and casual living rooms. Or go for the bronze Maui lamp with bronze-like cage shades.

Go for an Epic Over Arching Lamp

An over arching lamp is one of the most stylish floor lamps you can choose. This type of lighting is good for people who not only want to read on the couch with a light over their shoulder, but also for those with limited space who need to slide the base under the couch. These…

Choose the Best Adesso Arc Floor Lamp

Two great arc floor lamp choices: the Adesso Bowery with its graceful arch and mid-century shades or the multi-arm Adesso Bowery with cage shades.

Stunning Big Arc Floor Lamp for Home and Office

Wow! Create an impression while saving space and shedding light everywhere in your living area or office. Check out these Brightech and Archiology models.

Superior Arced Brightech Mason Floor Lamp

Looking for a graceful, overarching floor lamp for reading purposes or over a dining table. Definitely consider the Brightech Mason.

Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

The versatile Brightech Trilage arched floor lamp is suitable for home office, lounge or study. LED light bulbs make this space saver a winner.

Retro Arc Floor Lamp

Choose between the stunning Archiology gold retro arched lamp and the pharmacy-style arched lamp from Lye. Select and order here.

5 Light Arc Floor Lamp

Go for one of these super multi-armed arched lamps. The colorful one is particularly suitable for a childs’ playroom. It has multi-colored shades.

Advanced White Curved Floor Lamp

A white curved floor lamp has a way of blending in with many living styles. They’re not restricted to lounges either and will work in almost any other room in the home as well. Does your main light provide you with decent light? The beauty of these floor lamps is that they can extend over…