Choose the Best Adesso Arc Floor Lamp

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If you would like to change the style of any room in your house or office, look no further than opting for an Adesso arc floor lamp. There are so many lamp choices available. If you want to add an elegant touch to a small or big room, consider going for an arc lamp.

Arc lamps are tall and classy, and the unique arch is usually adjustable, enabling it to be part of any focal point. Watch family and friends compliment you on the transformation.

Adesso arc floor lamp in mid-century style

The Adesso 4249-21 Bowery arc lamp is a smart and classy one to consider. It comes in two colors – Satin Steel or Antique Bronze. It’s a delicate looking lamp but stylish and will not look overpowering in a smaller room. It is 77 inches tall.

This Adesso arched floor lamp has an adjustable tweed-like fabric drum shade. This ensures that the Adesso Arc floor lamp gives a beautiful overhead textured light.

The base is heavy and made from white marble. The on-off rotary switch is on the lamp pole. A bulb is not included, although a 100w should be suitable. This lamp is Smart outlet compatible.

Adesso Maui 3-arm floor lamp

This is what one would call a ‘wow’ floor lamp. Expect compliments when visitors see this island- inspired Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp. The lamp is 82 inches tall. It has 3 barrel-shaped lanterns.

The lanterns hang from different heights and different arms. You get excellent lighting for reading or working on a task. The light will lift your mood to thoughts of holidays and relaxation. The shades of brown cane sticks have a lining made from a fabric-like white rice paper.

You can even use 3 different colored 60w LED bulbs to create yet another mood or vibe. Especially attractive is the antique brown finish. Good reviews come with this value-for-money Adesso arc floor lamp.


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