Thai-Style Rattan Arc Floor Lamp

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Arched floor lamps are always popular because of their versatility, their portability and their different designs. These are arc floor lamps that can be placed anywhere where there is a need for additional lighting.

You’ll find that they often resemble the branches of a tree. Take a look at the two stylish arc floor designs here and choose the one you prefer. Each one is complemented by particular elements that make it special.

Rattan arc floor lamp multi-light

What a beautiful lamp the Depuley 3-Light LED Rattan Arc Floor Lamp is. You can almost visualize palm trees gently swaying in the breeze when you look at it. You can research the manufacturing company Depuley. They make sure that customers only experience quality.

The lamp shades are made of bamboo and the included 9W LED bulb fits into the standard E26 socket with ease. If you’re looking for a change in lighting, it’s compatible with other bulbs.

There is a 3-way rotary switch on the adjustable lamp pole and the base of the lamp is heavy enough to ensure stability around pets and kid. This 3-head rattan arc floor lamp shade lamp is perfect for any room in your home.

Wicker floor lamp rattan vintage with cage shades

The Adesso Maui Arc Lamp is stylish and ideal for illuminating any living space. It stands ate 82 inches in height and comes with a sturdy black-colored 12.5” inch diameter base.

The Adesso Maui arc lamp has a 60 inch black power cord. The lamp will need three 60W incandescent bulbs to light up. The bulbs aren’t included for this island-inspired lamp. The 3 barrel-shaped lanterns are made of attractive brown cane sticks and blend in with the antique bronze finish with fabric-like white rice paper lining.

To make things easy, the lamp has an off/on rotary switch on the pole. The lamp is also smart outlet compatible. Not a rattan arc floor lamp but it’s impressive nonetheless.

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