Pretty Gold Overhanging Lamp

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When you talk about utility in a lamp, gold overhanging lamp seems much more viable than tall standing ones. The reason for this being that they cast a light from above that falls downwards and gives you space to place furniture pieces of your choice underneath.

This lets you use these lamps for reading purposes, as study lamps, night lamps, or lamps for breakfast tables. That however does not mean that a gold overhanging lamp cannot create an ambiance. The same lamp when crafted beautifully and paired with the right bulb can fulfill the purpose of utility as well as ambient lamps.

Gold arched floor lamp with shade

The Brightech Logan, for example, is a classic and most popular style of gold overhanging lamp. This gold arc floor lamp combines the sleek arc of the overhang lamp, and the most widely used shape of a lampshade i.e. a shallow drum. The design is a simple and that gives you the flexibility to move it around as you redecorate.

This gold overhang lamp has a design that can be used to accessorize not just modern interiors, but more classical and ornamental ones as well. It is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible for ease of usage. The base is of black marble, adding a heavy and natural detail to ground the otherwise dainty design.

Modern gold overhanging lamp

Another overhang lamp that has a much more industrial look is the Modern Rustic gold arc lamp by WOXXX. This lamp has a rustic farmhouse design and instantly catches one’s eye. The lamp has little details at the joinery points that make it unique and all the more interesting.

The lamp head or lampshade is also made of the same metal as the body and hangs downwards. It is a collapsible design that can easily be disassembled and packed in case of relocation. Overall, this gold overhanging lamp is eye-catching and adds aesthetic value to any room like a chic gold earring paired with a formal black dress.

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