Patio Floor Lamps

Patio floor lamps are available in a wide variety of styles: lanterns, lamp posts, torchiere, classic, vintage and modern. There are amazing LED patio lamps and a large range of solar powered patio lights. Enhance your garden, terrace, courtyard or patio with a floor lamp so you can use your patio at night.

Tall Portable Lamp for Garden

Tall Portable Table Lamp

Tall portable lamp for garden use. Choose from these cute tall portable lamps for the garden. Add light and atmosphere to outdoor entertaining.

Super Floor Lamps for Deck

Floor lamps for deck

Floor lamps for deck use can add style and class to your deck. Here are two beautiful ornamental floor lamps for deck placement.

Choose a Stunning Veranda Floor Lamp

Veranda floor lamp

Veranda floor lamp adds style to your welcome. Choose from an LED veranda floor lamp and one that harks back to farmhouse days.

Waterproof Outdoor Tall Lamp

Waterproof outdoor tall lamp

Waterproof outdoor tall lamp for garden, pool area, terrace or patio. Choose the right waterproof outdoor tall lamp here.

Backyard Floor Lamps with Wit and Beauty

Backyard floor lamps

Backyard floor lamps add beauty, wit and utility to patio and garden. Here are two excellent backyard floor lamp examples.

Lamps for Barbecue Area

Lamp for barbecue area

Lamps for barbecue area are practical and add a special glow to your grilling and entertaining outdoor space. Choose from these lamps for your barbecue area.

Standing Lamp for the Terrace

Standing lamp for the terrace

Standing lamp for the terrace. Choose from these two standing lamp types for the terrace, if you have a weather-proof outdoor space.

How to Choose a Grand Patio Outdoor Floor Lamp

Grand patio outdoor floor lamp

Grand patio outdoor floor lamp choices. Figure out if a wicker, rattan, solar powered floor standing light is right for your patio, garden or veranda.

Patio Lights Floor and Pool Area

Patio lights floor

Patio lights floor and table usage. These are safe and useful. Order patio lights for the floor via this page.

Grand Patio Floor Solar Light

Grand patio floor solar light

Grand patio floor solar light to improve the atmosphere on your patio. Spend more time outdoors with a Grand patio floor solar light.