Standing Lamp

A standing lamp saves space, delivers a widespread glow over a room and adds elegance to living room, bedroom or patio decor. Explore the little-known area of standing lamps. And next time you watch a video or movie, be aware of how many scenes include a wonderful standard lamp. Art directors, interior designers and photographers love them for the special atmosphere they impart. Choose your floor lamp now.

Fascinating Curved Floor Lamp

Curved Floor Lamp

Curved floor lamp designs add a gentle, modern flavor to decor, whether formal or informal. Choose from these two popular curved floor lamps.

Divine Feather Floor Lamp

Feather floor lamp

Feather floor lamp style creates a witty statement in bedroom or lounge. Look at these two feather floor lamps one of them made of ostrich materials.

Dimmable Floor Lamp for Sale

Dimmable floor lamp

Dimmable floor lamp on sale here. Choose from an interesting cage lamp and a smart lamp that works with a remote, the Meross dimmable floor lamp.

Whimsical Vintage Standing Lamp

Vintage standing lamp

Vintage standing lamp as an addition to your lounge or study adds a nostalgic, peaceful note to the decor. Choose from two vintage standard lamps here.

Sparkling Chandelier Floor Lamp

Chandelier floor lamp

Chandelier floor lamp adds excitement to lounge or boudoir. Enjoy the sparkle of these two high-quality chandelier floor lamp options. Order now!

Glorious Art Deco Standing Lamp

Art deco standing lamp

Art deco standing lamp adds an historic antique atmosphere to living room, study, library or reception area. Choose from a classic and a modern art deco standing lamp.

Two Unusual Floor Lamps

Unusual Floor Lamps

Unusual floor lamps for living room and den. Choose from these two extraordinary floor lamps available now at Amazon. Click through.

Exotic Turkish Mosaic Floor Lamp

Turkish mosaic floor lamp

Turkish mosaic floor lamp swish adds an exotic Middle Eastern flavor to your space. Turkish mosaic floor lamps add spice to a living room or den.

Stunning Modern Floor Lamps

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are minimalist but effective. Look at these two modern floor lamps that give bright light and practicality.

Sweet Nursery Floor Lamp with Dimmer

Nursery floor lamp with dimmer

Nursery floor lamp with dimmer. Whether your child is a boy or girl, choose one of these nursery floor lamps that will be suitable for many years.