Choose from these amazing floor lamps with shelves that save space while adding style to your living spaces. There are bulb lights and LED shelf floor lamps. Some floor lamp shelves are columnar while there are even tripod shelved floor lamps. Select yours now and Amazon will deliver.

Floor Lamps for Living Room with Shelves

Floor lamps for living room with shelves

Choose from these two lovely shelf floor lamps suitable for the living room. Pack and light at the same time.

Super Black Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelves

Black tripod floor lamp with shelves

Here are two black tripod lamps with shelves to choose from – the new Rosen tripod lamp and the Wampat tripod lamp.

Grey Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelf

Grey tripod floor lamp with shelf

Here are a pair of grey tripod lamps to choose from. Add a cool statement to the practical space-saving requirement.

Shelf and LED Floor Lamp Combination Narrow Nightstand with Light Attached

Shelf & led floor lamp combination narrow nightstand with light attached

Imagine a lamp stand with a light and LED bulbs to make a lovely narrow nightstand. Here it is!

Lovely Gray Floor Lamp with Shelves

Gray floor lamp with shelves

Choose from one of these two gray floor lamps with shelves to save space while making a decor statement.

Corner Lamp Stand with Shelves

Corner lamp stand with shelves

A corner lamp stand with shelves is a 90 degree lamp that fits snugly in the corner. Or a column lamp with shelves….

Super Oak Floor Lamp with Shelves

Oak floor lamp with shelves

Oak floor lamp with shelves ticks all the boxes when it includes a charging port. No need to move from your armchair to charge your cell phone.

Wooden Shelved Floor Lamp

Wooden shelved floor lamp

Wooden shelved floor lamp for bedroom or living room. Attractive finish and highly practical, this is a smart floor lamp!

Amazing Adesso Wright Shelf Floor Lamp

Adesso wright shelf floor lamp

Adesso Wright floor lamp combines practicality with beauty. It comes in a black walnut finish. Check it out.

Shelved Tripod Floor Lamp

Shelved tripod floor lamp

Shelved tripod floor lamps are available here. Choose from two popular makes and order online.