Super Oak Floor Lamp with Shelves

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Is your living room in need of a touch of a stylish lamp that compliments its interior? This eye-catching Newfinder oak floor lamp with shelves is the one made for you. Whether you want to place it beside your sofa or next to your couch, it will look flawless.

Oak floor lamp with shelves

The Newfinder is the perfect light with its 3000K LED bulb you need for reading and other tasks, while at the same time features convenient storage shelves to hold books, magazines, photo albums, vases, wine glasses, and more.

Made of high-quality wood with an FSC certification, it’s durable and long-lasting.

Column floor lamp with shelves

What’s more? Its narrow design makes it perfect for use as a bedside table. So add this must-have piece to your home today. The new surface treatment technology means that the joints are seamless, without any paint, which gives a sleek and stylish look to the oak floor lamp. The look completes with a white fabric lampshade, which helps diffuse the light and makes it softer and perfect for late-night reading or winding down in front of the TV.

Looking for a lightweight floor lamp that’s easy to install? This oak floor lamp with shelves is all that you need. It only takes 15 minutes to assemble, so you can start using it right away without a tedious assembly session.

Modern floor lamp with shelves and USB port

However, if you’re looking for more of a modern-looking stylish floor lamp with shelves, the Brown shelf floor amp from Ueichi is for you. It offers a relatively modern look and suits the bedroom and office settings pretty well, unlike the other one.

Floor lamp with shelves and charging station

What’s even better is that it has two USB portals for fast charging and a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker for whenever you need soothing music to alleviate the aura of your room further. It’s a modern oak floor lamp with shelves, and to make sure of its modernity, Ueichi has added a Qi wireless charging pad. If anything, this lamp is sure to brighten up your mood, let alone your room.

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