Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod floor lamps add interest and drama to your office and home decor. They stay steady and support lights that throw a wide pool of light for reading, tasks and relaxing. There are many models: theater, pharmacy, spotlight, vintage, classic, mid-century, industrial and modern. Have a look at how diverse tripod floor lamps are.

Mid Century Tripod Floor Lamp

Mid century tripod floor lamp

Mid century tripod floor lamp to add a little comfortable nostalgia to your living space. Ideal for reading room, study and lounge.

Lovely Antique Tripod Floor Lamp

Antique tripod floor lamp

Antique tripod floor lamp adds a bold accent to any area where you entertain – deck, patio, drawing room or lounge. Choose from two antique tripod lamps.

Tough Metal Tripod Floor Lamp

Metal tripod floor lamp

Metal tripod floor lamp makes a bold statement in office, living room or study. Read more and order one of these lamps online.

Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

Vintage tripod floor lamp

Vintage tripod floor lamp for creating a rustic atmosphere in living room or study. See a selection of vintage tripod floor lamp styles here.

Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp

Nautical tripod floor lamp

Nautical tripod floor lamp adds atmosphere to den, home pub, living room or seafood restaurant. Look at these two nautical floor lamps.

Copper Tripod Floor Lamp

Copper tripod floor lamp

Copper tripod floor lamps add artistic accents to any interior. Choose from a modern copper standing lamp or a vintage model.

Industrial Tripod Floor Lamp

Industrial tripod floor lamp

Industrial tripod floor lamp fashion for bedroom, living room, bar or study. Choose from two stunning lamps here.

Tripod Lamps for Sitting Room

Tripod lamps for sitting room

Your sitting room will gain an interesting feature with a tripod floor lamp – and even more interest with a pair of three-legged lamps. See our selection here.

Fabulous Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Brass tripod floor lamp

Brass tripod floor lamp adds a vintage and nautical tone to your study, living room or barroom decor. Choose a brass tripod floor lamp here.

Silver Tripod Floor Lamp

Silver tripod floor lamp

Silver tripod floor lamp info. Find a chrome-plated floor lamp that looks just like silver. Choose from these two silver tripod floor lamps.