Tough Metal Tripod Floor Lamp

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Do you want to brighten up the beauty of your home? Well, the Ambiore Lisboa Olivia metal tripod floor lamp is such a masterpiece that you can’t resist buying this elegant beauty.

Bronze metal tripod floor lamp

With its copper lampshade, beautiful tripod design, and mesmerizing metallic gold hue, the Brightech Ambiore floor lamp stands unique among the traditional designs and styles of floor lamps.

A pair of these metal tripod floor lamps in your home or office can add elegance and class, making you feel a lot more comfortable with its soft and cozy luminance with antique notes.

Modern tripod floor lamp

Also look at the Brightech Olivia, although it’s not a tripod-style lamp. But it’s a standing lamp made of a golden metal. Thanks to the 360 degrees rotation, you can swirl the fixture in any direction.

Moreover, with its height of 76 inches, it is perfect for standing tall beside your living room couch. Position the arch and adjust the light fixture according to your required angle. Enjoy the warm, generous radiance, enough for any activity you like— reading, writing, painting, sewing, knitting, etc.

Beautiful metal standard lamp

Do you want to know more? The smart compatibility with Alexa and Google home assistant makes it super easy for the user to control its functionality just by the voice command. What you need to do is to connect a smart plug with it.

And don’t worry, it works with the conventional switches for manual controls. Moreover, the heavy and sturdy base helps this black metal tripod floor lamp stay in place even if knocked into by kids or pets. Therefore, your little ones are already protected from any injury while playing or running around.

Metal tripod floor lamp

Moreover, the installed LEDs consume little energy and waste even less, saving up to 90% of your electricity bills compared to incandescent bulbs. Also, the bulbs don’t get too hot, preventing accidental touch burns. Finally, the 3 years product warranty and the 20 years life of the LED bulbs give a sense of security and relief from the hassle of replacing the lamps and bulbs now and then. Have this beautiful arch design tripod floor lamp (IKEA style) in your lounge and see how it earns compliments for you.

Vintage tripod floor lamp

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