The Charm of a Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

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Tripod floor lamps are a versatile design that can work with many décor styles. They provide an additional light source while creating a stylistic and sculptural element to a space. Having multiple layers of lighting within a space can really help to create a multidimensional, and interesting design within your home. One of the very popular styles of tripod floor lamps are the wooden base tripod floor lamp.

There is an almost unlimited number of designs when it comes to wooden base tripod floor lamps. They can offer focused task lighting with a swivelling head or create a diffused, ambient light with a decorative shade. Depending on the design of the floor lamp it can easily suit a wide range of interior design styles, wooden base tripod floor lamps cater especially well to mid-century modern, vintage, and contemporary styles but can suit an unlimited number of spaces. The wooden base can range in colors from a whitewashed wood, mid-tone, natural oak and dark woods and unlimited styles to cater to the design of your space.

5 benefits that a wooden base tripod floor lamp offers

If you are considering bringing a wooden base tripod floor lamp into your home, you will be happy to know the five benefits that they offer as an element in your space.

• Durability
• Aesthetics
• Sustainability
• Variety
• Versatility


Wood is a very durable material that is natural strong and a reliable option for your furniture. Wooden furniture can last for many years and can easily be maintained to keep its ‘new’ look for many years.


As mentioned, it adds a beautiful warmth and natural element in a space. Choosing between a tripod floor lamp in a warm tone can create a completely different look than a dark wood base tripod floor lamp.

The variety that the different wood shades provide make it a great option to create a very specific look and feel in the space. The color of wood can be selected to perfectly match or accent the design style in your space, and you are able to choose from almost endless possibilities of natural woods, stains, and painted wood.


Wood is a natural material and when sourced from a responsible supplier can provide an excellent option for sustainability and give you a great option for an ethical way to decorate your home. Wood provides the benefit that it is a renewable resource and in a responsibly managed forest cut trees are replaced with new growth.

Additionally, the production and processing of wood material has a much lower carbon footprint than many other building materials. So if environmentally friendly furniture is something you are interested in focus on products that are Forest Stewardship Council certified to make sure the wood is sourced from a responsible source.


The variety of colors and wood materials means that you are easily able to find an option that suits your style. There is a great variety in natural woods that offer unique pattern through varying wood grains.

Choosing between a variety of colors and wood grains can help in choosing a piece of furniture that perfectly suits your home. Adding elements of color and pattern to your room.

When you are buying wooden furniture, it offers the benefit of unique designs. It is a material that can be made in many ways. This can be seen in the variety of leg shapes available for wooden base tripod floor lamps.

In these images of light wood tripod floor lamps, you can see very similar wood color, but the design completely separates them. In the first image the legs remain cylindrical from floor to lampshade and cross over to create a unique design.

The second image has very similar leg color but instead of the crossover design the three legs lead up to one golden pole that leads the rest of the way up into the lampshade.

This simple example shows that even with a very similar color of the wooden base, the design style of the floor lamp creates a large impact on the overall appearance. There are such a large variety of styles available that you will easily be able to find one that suits your taste.


The ability for wooden base floor lamps to suit almost any setting helps to set them apart from other materials. No matter what your interior design style is there is a wooden tripod floor lamp to suit your taste and easily work in your space.

Additionally, if you enjoy feng shui, you may be interested in adding wooden elements as they are one of the five important elements of feng shui. When designed in balance wooden elements are believed to enhance trust, originality, spirituality and new growth and ideas. This can help to bring the feeling of a peaceful forest and the tree of knowledge into your home.

Adding a piece of wooden furniture, such as the wood base tripod floor lamp can help to balance your space and develop these positive associations in your home. You can also consider adding blue and green colors, plant-based cloths, indoor plants, and landscape arts to increase this element in your space.

Check out the variety of styles and designs that are available

Wood is a great material to add to any space. It is versatile and adds a natural element of design to your space. It offers the benefit of aesthetic appeal as well as providing structural integrity, that everyone can enjoy.

Wooden furniture can add a sense of warmth to a room creating a homey and organic feeling that resonates with every person in some way. Wooden furniture has been popular for decades and in many ways can be used as a timeless design element that will last for many years in your space.

The main two types of wooden base tripod floor lamps are those with shades and those with adjustable heads. These two styles can create a dramatically different impact in your space. Check out the different options below to get a sense of the different styles.

Tripod Floor Lamps with Shades

Tripod floor lamps with shades can add a beautiful element of design in any room. Having a floor lamp with a lampshade offers the benefit that the eye is protected from the direct light of the lightbulb. This reduces glare and creates a more ambient lighting source.

Lampshades are typically made of loosely woven cloth or paper. This helps to direct the light vertically from the top and bottom of the shade. This can be beneficial if placed close to a chair, where the light coming down from the shade can offer a good amount of task lighting for reading or other tasks. The light that is directed to the ceiling offers ambient light to the overall space of the room.

This wood floor lamp is the perfect addition to any farmhouse, nautical, rustic, or industrial themed room. The design offers a light grey wooden base with a beige drum lampshade.

One great feature that this floor lamp offers is that it is combined with a side table, the floor lamps shelf provides you with a place to add decorative accessories or to place your phone and coffee cup within reach of a chair.

The lampshade is made of a natural linen fabric. Which provides a beautiful woven texture to your space. The linen fabric is a very popular natural fiber that is anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic. The fabric also offers a lower environmental impact than cotton making it a great option for a lampshade.

It is a high-quality design, offering a thick and stable base, that is scratch resistant and easy to clean. The wood used is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning that the wood is sourced from an accredited forest which has been accessed as being managed according to the highest standards of social, economic, and environmental standards.

This option of a tripod floor lamp with lampshade comes in a warm cherry brown wood that offers a lovely decorative element in the space.

The lampshades come in a neutral beige and a LED lightbulb with adjustable functions to change the look in the space to suit your lighting needs.

The lightbulb can be adjusted from 3000k / 4000k / 5000k for a warm yellowish tone, a natural white or a cool white. Easily adjusting to suit the needs of a space.

If you are looking for a dark wood base tripod floor lamp this Light Society Celeste Tripod Floor Lamp may be the right option for you. It features walnut wood legs with an antique brass accent and white fabric shade.

This piece would be a perfect addition to any contemporary, modern, or mid-century designed room. It could easily be added into any living room, dining room, den, or bedroom to add additional styling to your space. Creating a beautiful design that offers function and aesthetic value in your home.

Tripod Floor Lamps with adjustable heads

A tripod floor lamp with an adjustable head offers the benefit that the head can be moved to direct lighting at what ever space you like. If you want to use it as a task light for reading you can easily adjust the light to focus down on a chair where someone is seated. Alternatively, you can use the spotlight feature to highlight a design element in your space that you are excited about and want to draw attention to.

Do you have a beautiful accent chair or an exciting piece of artwork that you want to highlight? You can easily adjust the head of the light to create a focal point on your desired space.

Many of these styles of wooden base tripod floor lamps offer adjustable legs. Being able to adjust the height of the floor lamp makes it easy to create the right balance of height to compliment the rest of the furniture in the room. Is the profile of your furniture feeling boring? You may want to create a bit of dramatic effect by making the lamp a statement height to create a variety of different levels in the space.

Many of the adjustable head tripod floor lamps offer unique styles that cater to an adventurous appearance or vintage style. They can come with heads of search lights, industrial lights, and many more to offer a very interesting design that creates a totally different appearance than a tripod floor lamp with a lampshade.

This beautiful adjustable light wood tripod floor lamp offers a vintage nautical 1950’s style lighting head. It reaches a very high height with a maximum of 70” to create a bold statement within your space. The wooden base provides a sturdy base for the floor lamp. The high-quality metal top is uniquely designed to create a real talking piece in your space that is totally unique. This would be an amazing piece to add into an industrial styled space.

The searchlight design creates a vintage and rustic appearance that could be a beautiful addition to many spaces including living rooms, offices, theatre rooms and dens. The sturdy base is adjustable to a variety of heights to suit the needs of your home.

This Antique Searchlight Tripod Floor Lamp offers an aluminum and wooden base with a antique copper finished head. The nautical styled head replicates the design used in nautical searchlights that ships would use to send signals to other boats.

This floor lamp is a shorter option than some of the other at a height of 42” that would suit a space with low-profile furniture.

Finally, to complete the look many of these adjustable floor lamps would be complimented perfectly with an antique Edison style light bulb as they have the exposed light bulb area. To complete the style in a vintage way these would make the perfect addition, whereas a standard light bulb may be seen as an eye sore if it is too visible.


As you can see the styles of wooden base tripod floor lamps is almost unlimited and can easily be integrated into any room of the house to create a unique design. Ranging from antique searchlights for an industrial room design to a light wooden floor lamp base with a beige lampshade for a contemporary room. The benefits of a wooden base floor lamp are almost unlimited and help to bring a natural element into your home.