Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod floor lamps add interest and drama to your office and home decor. They stay steady and support lights that throw a wide pool of light for reading, tasks and relaxing. There are many models: theater, pharmacy, spotlight, vintage, classic, mid-century, industrial and modern. Have a look at how diverse tripod floor lamps are.

Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp

Chrome tripod floor lamp

Chrome tripod floor lamp for a modernist, sleek and stylish lamp that’s sturdy and long lasting. Here are a couple of chrome tripod floor lamps I recommend.

Lovely White Tripod Floor Lamp

White tripod floor lamp

White tripod floor lamp gives a delicate form and gentle light to any living space. Two recommendations of white tripod floor lamps here.

Super Gold Tripod Floor Lamp

Gold tripod floor lamp

Gold tripod floor lamp elegance in these two beautiful standard lamps. Transform your living space. Choose a gold tripod floor lamp here.

Classic Grey Tripod Floor Lamp

Grey tripod floor lamp

Grey tripod floor lamp is suitable for office, study or modern living room. Choose from these two grey tripod lamps.

Beautiful Walnut Floor Lamp

Walnut floor lamp

Walnut floor lamp for living room or study adds a gentle, natural warmth to your decor. Here are two beautiful walnut floor lamps to choose from.

Oak Tripod Floor Lamp

Oak tripod floor lamp

Oak tripod floor lamp adds a natural touch to your living room or study. Choose from two oak tripod floor lamps here.

Tripod Spotlight Floor Lamp

Tripod spotlight floor lamp

Tripod spotlight floor lamp adds an interesting accent and talking point to your home space – living room, study, office, patio or pub. View tripod spotlight floor lamps here.

Bold Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Wooden tripod floor lamp

Wooden tripod floor lamp can be classic, rustic, modern, retro, vintage or nautical. There is a vast array of wooden tripod floor lamps.

Elegant Black Tripod Floor Lamp

Black tripod floor lamp

Black tripod floor lamp placed in living room, office or study provides a decor statement and effective lighting.

Tripod Floor Lamps for Living Room

Tripod floor lamps for living room

Tripod floor lamps for living room use. Choose from these two lovely tripod floor lamps, one wooden and the other metal.