Elegant Black Tripod Floor Lamp

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Looking for a stylish and sensible black tripod floor lamp? Look no further than Brightech’s Eden black metal tripod floor lamp. The black floor lamp is more than just a floor-standing accent—it will pull together any space it graces with its vintage-inspired chic.

Black wood tripod floor lamp

For your farmhouse home, mix earthy reclaimed wood and rustic planks of birch with the natural cotton shade of black metal tripod floor lamp for a bit of urban charm. Can’t decide on which one to get?

Black tripod floor lamp with black shade

The elegantly simplistic and versatile Brightech’s Eden black floor lamp has 10 ft. of cord, so you can place it anywher you like with ease, while the fabric shade complements the rich brown base.

The cylindrical mid-century design creates a space-saving silhouette that follows through from floor to ceiling without taking up too much room, making this black metal tripod floor lamp perfect for all sorts of spaces.

Pair this black tripod floor lamp with black shade with a vintage-inspired black chandelier with crystal pendants for an easy yet stylish look that will bring out your nostalgia. We’re pretty sure we can relate! Speaking of mood lighting, get set up with recessed or hanging fluorescent fixtures to cast an elegant glow in every corner!

Tripod lamp with voice control

This savvy design goes beyond style by operating seamlessly with Alexa/Google Home Assistant for voice control, plus sensing your infrared remote commands to turn on when motion is detected in a dark room – no more stumbling around in eerily shadowed corners trying to find the switchboard/remote.

Brightech Eden specs

• Neutral fabric lampshade
• 6 ft. long metal cord
• Floor lamp is compatible with Alexa
• Black tripod floor lamp with black shade
• Mid-century design to fit any room style
• Three-way LED bulb that lasts 20,000 hours
• 3-years warranty
• Affordable prices

Black tripod LED lamp

This black wood tripod lamp is also LED, meaning you’ll never have to replace a bulb; it won’t overheat, and its 20,000-hour lifespan outlasts energy burning halogen or incandescent bulbs. Plus, for added peace of mind, the products offer a full 3-year warranty. This well-crafted lamp comes with a three-way LED bulb, so you can customize your brightness levels to create the perfect ambiance. So why wait? Order your black floor tripod floor lamp today!

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