The Ideal IKEA Tall Lamp

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The IKEA tall lamp YPPERLIG is a design of HAY in association with IKEA. It is both affordable but still retains both its function and form. It features a leaning head, a revolving stem and its LED bulb uses the faintest finger touch to be either turned off and on or dimmed.

It is also very versatile, and the very definition of minimalist room lighting.

An IKEA tall light is at times shoved between chairs and sectionals or relegated to dark corners of a room. Many people overlook floor lamps, but that is not how it should be. As a furniture piece, it stands alone – with the presence to alter the décor scheme of any room.

The IKEA Ypperlig LED Floor Lamp

Question is, do you pick a trendy floor lamp or a decorative tall light? Or do you go the minimalist Ikea standing lamp route?

The answer is an Ikea tall paper lamp such as the YPPERLIG LED floor lamp. Introduce minimalist floor lamp chic into your living area.

This lamp both is discreet and provides ample light, due to its slim profile. It is also described by interior designers who recommend it as ‘super versatile’ and a ‘sleek design’, meaning most décor styles can easily be paired with it.

LED IKEA tall lamp

For a very competitive price, this tall orb lamp from IKEA features a swiveling head and base, with a full suite of dimming capabilities.

This IKEA floor lamp model is also very convenient for users. You are not required to bend over to operate it. The buttons used to operate it are all found under its lamp head such as dimming and turning it off and on.

Its arm is also flexible enough for you to direct light exactly where you require it.

Recommended by floor lamp experts and beloved by users worldwide, this IKEA tall floor lamp is ideal for cozy nights in, curled up in the sofa with your favorite book.

  • Another popular IKEA standing lamp is the Holmo floor lamp. Take a look! If it’s Eastern delicacy you are looking for in a floor lamp, check out this IKEA paper floor lamp.

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