Lersta IKEA Floor Lamp

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A Lersta IKEA floor reading lamp is an important appliance for those that read magazines, e-readers and books often. Not only is it a lighting fixture that offers soft reading light but an integral interior design element in your home.

IKEA industrial lamp

A reading floor lamp is used for detailed-oriented activities such as craftwork, sketching, drawing, writing, and of course, reading. Floor reading lamps enlighten a close distance, small area, better for focusing on your task.

IKEA floor lamp

Floor lamps provide extra lighting without supplemental overhead lighting. For those that live in scenarios that do not allow for the addition or replacement of lights or windows, floor lamps play a crucial role in your lighting needs.

Best IKEA floor lamp placement

IKEA floor lamps work well in many scenarios. The best placement spots include:

• Next to a chair or sofa
• Illuminating a gloomy corner
• Beside your nightstand or next to your bed
• Beside your office desk

Lersta IKEA floor lamp

There cannot be discussion of the best reading floor lamps without invoking a model from IKEA, the Scandinavian floor lamp legend.

The Lersta IKEA lamp can be purchased without or with a bulb, and similar to other IKEA products, you are buying into a winning combination of price, performance and style.

The arm’s adjustable nature means light can be directed exactly as desired, making this floor reading lamp beloved with readers.
The aluminum is easy to clean while looking fantastic. For an affordable and dependable reading floor lamp from IKEA, search no further.

Contemporary IKEA floor lamps

Modern floor lamps can be deployed in various ways, from mood improvement to style addition. Use a modern IKEA floor lamp to add instantaneous atmosphere to a room, showcase architectural features and art or animate a gloomy corner.

Strategically placed floor lamps by IKEA transform a room from mediocre to elegant. Most living rooms now feature a floor lamp. Whether contemporary designed or classically style, an IKEA floor lamp such as the LERSTA acts like an accent to the current décor.

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