Bold Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

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Is your home in need of a touch of vintage style? Well, look no further than the beautiful Isloys Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp is perfect for adding a touch of mid-century charm to any room. With a natural linen lampshade and cherry brown wood, it has a vintage vibe that will never go out of style.

Natural wood tripod floor lamp

Creating a chic look, this is highly functional, the trendy triangle-legged vintage-inspired Isloys wooden tripod floor lamp comes with a 3-level color temperature LED bulb that can be adjustable from 3000K/4000K/5000K to create the perfect mood lighting for any occasion.

The combination of 3-color temperature control and the natural linen shade offers soft light and practicality for daily usage as well as great decorating potential. So, whether you’re looking for a warm and cozy atmosphere or a cool and refreshing one, the Isloys ikea Tripod Floor Lamp has got you covered!

Another stylish floor lamp for the living room

With its stylish design and sturdy construction, the Archiology natural wood tripod floor lamp can also serve as a perfect addition to any home. Its retro wood grain finish gives your home a touch of elegance, while the intersected legs offer more support and stability.

Assembly is a breeze with step-by-step instructions, and you’ll have this lamp up and running in no time.

Wooden tripod floor lamp

This beautiful and timeless piece comes with an on/off footswitch and offers an upright steady beam or wide-angle floodlight for a skylight effect which makes reading at night a much easier task illuminated by a soft, warm amber hue. So kick back and relax in the soft, comforting light of this beautiful floor lamp.

Archiology floor lamp specs

• Natural linen lampshade
• Adjustable 3-level color temperature LED bulb
• On/off footswitch
• Step-by-step guide for installation
• 3-year warranty
• High-grade natural wood tripod floor lamp
• Warm and smooth light

It also has a three-year manufacturer warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. Unlike other products on the market, we offer you a full refund if you don’t love this best seller’s bedroom floor lamp. So don’t hesitate, order your dark wood tripod floor lamp today!

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