Choose from these amazing floor lamps with shelves that save space while adding style to your living spaces. There are bulb lights and LED shelf floor lamps. Some floor lamp shelves are columnar while there are even tripod shelved floor lamps. Select yours now and Amazon will deliver.

Shelf with the Lamp on Top

Shelf with lamp on top

Choose from a columnar shelf with a lamp on top or a more classical lamp attached to a side table. Check now!

Super Stylish Ladder Shelf Lamp

Ladder shelf lamp

Select a ladder shelf lamp from three attractive models. Save space, be practical and light your living space pleasantly.

72-Inch Floor Lamp with Shelves

72 inch floor lamp with shelves

Looking for a 72-inch floor lamp with shelves? We have just the thing. Go here to see it and an attractive accompanying uplighter lamp.

Silver Floor Lamp with Shelves

Here are two silver floor lamps enhanced with space-saving shelves. Keep it simple and practical yet stylish and expensive-looking.

Shelf Floor Lamp with USB Charging Ports and Electric Outlet

Shelf floor lamp with usb charging ports & electric outlet

For maximum practicality choose one of these shelf floor lamps where you can charge your phone and plug in devices.

Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp with Shelves

Wooden tripod floor lamp with shelves

Add interest and versatility to any part of your home with a tripod floor lamp made of wood. And here’s one with a bamboo shade…

Bedside Floor Lamp with Shelf

Bedside floor lamp with shelf

A bedside lamp attached to a table with a charging station (USB port) is a super idea. Look at these super space savers and decide for yourself.

Torchiere Floor Lamp with Shelves

Torchiere floor lamp with shelves

Torchiere floor lamps bounce light off the ceiling to create a warm glow. Torchiere lamps with shelves save space too.

Top-End Black Shelved Floor Lamps

Choose from two black shelved floor lamps – one columnar and the other a standard bedside table with lamp.