Retro Arc Floor Lamp

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There are many different styles of floor lamps, all designed to add a particular ambience or statement to the room. They have the advantage of being able to be moved around easily, and the ability to change or create moods and styles.

Floor lamps usually have a heavy base that will prevent them toppling over, making them safe and sturdy. The retro or rustic look has become extremely popular, and you can choose the color, materials, size and shape that appeals to your personal taste and decor.

Retro arc floor lamp

The Archiology Retro Arc Floor Lamp, as its name implies, is a retro-type floor lamp that will lend a modern touch to whatever room you want to enhance. The retro arc lamp has a beautiful, curved design which shows off the large gold or chrome hanging lamp head to perfection.

It has a heavy marble base, ensuring it does not wobble or topple over easily. This Retro Curved Floor Lamp has a floor switch, enabling one to operate it with their toes. It has a black high-quality metal light pole giving it a height of 67 inches.

All instructions for the retro arc lamp are included, making the installation easy. Any bulb can be fitted as desired. A full one-year warranty and 100% 90-day refund is also offered.

Vintage mid century arc lamp

The Lye Retro Arc Lamp is said to be an industrial-style floor lamp. Perhaps the name is misleading as this lamp will look elegant in the bedroom, living room, nursery or study.

The lamp head is dome-shaped and 7.87 inches in width, making the retro curved floor lamp ideal for small spaces where you need discreet yet modern and stylish lighting. The lampshade can be adjusted 270 degrees in all directions.

The overall height is 60.63 inches with a retro arc floor lamp pole of black lacquered metal. The base of the Retro Arc Floor Lamp is sturdy and has a floor on-and-off switch which can be toe-operated. Installation is easy and instructions are included. Excellent customer service and return policies are also offered.

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