5 Light Arc Floor Lamp

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A 5 light arc floor lamp is versatile in shape and function. No longer do you have to rely on the inadequacies of a ceiling light that doesn’t provide adequate lighting. These sleek arched floor lamps, especially when it’s a 5 arc floor lamp, are suited to different environments.

They are ideal alternatives to other lighting options. These creative, portable lighting solutions are easy to plug in and with their ease of maneuverability and their space-saving benefits, it’s not surprising that interior designers recommend these stylish arch floor lamps.

5 Light arc floor lamp overarching

Brightech’s lamp looks good and it’s functional too. The 5 arm arch floor lamp comes with up to 2,400 lumens of light produced from the 5 LED lights. The LED bulbs provide you with 180W of lighting. They will last 20,000 hours and you won’t have to replace a bulb.

If you want to change the direction of the heads, you’ve got to remove the small screws from the base of each head. Heads can only be moved from side to side.

With its super modern, stylish look, the 5 arc light arc floor lamp with marble base suits every kind of décor style. The arms of the lamp can vary in length and height and can be between 5 ft 5 in, to 6 ft 3.

3-light arc floor lamp

With the arc floor lamp 5 arm you need to be aware that the bulbs aren’t dimmable and they are operated simultaneously. Control the lamp by means of a wall switch. The 5 light arc floor lamp lamp comes with a 5 foot long cord and works with 110v – 220v outlets, being made to fit standard US AC outlets.

Wanting to know how the Brightech Orion 5 will fit into your room and what its weight is? It weighs about 19 pounds but its sturdy base of 12 inches in diameter prevents the lamp from tipping over. The pole of the 5 arch floor lamp is 38 inches tall.

If you’re wondering about space, the heads extend between 35 and 46 inches out from the pole. The height of the tallest head is 74 inches. it’s a lovely 5 light arc floor lamp.


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