Popular MCM Floor Lamp with Table

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Floor lamps are great but imagine having a table attached. MCM floor lamp with end table looks great in rooms. It provides an end table that is very spacious. It is wide enough to place books, magazines, smartphones, laptops, and other small items. This MCM floor lamp has a beautiful lamp shade. It is a modern floor lamp with tray table that offers shaded lighting for your reading pleasure. You should add the mcm floor lamp with a table to your list of living room modern floor lamps.

MCM floor lamp with table

Common mid-century modern floor lamps for sale are worth the price. This includes Hsyile Lighting Modern Creative Floor Lamp. This lamp is suitable for the living room, dorm, bedroom, office, and even hallway. The body of this adjustable lamp has a brass finish and it is a perfect addition to any home décor.

The shiny gleam of the brushed brass finish will create a stunning look in any space. You can move this MCM floor lamp with a table from one room to another, thanks to the lightweight slender design. The attached metal tray can work as an end table for reading. Also, it features a weighted marble base to prevent it from falling.

Another mid-century modern floor lamp

The Hykolity Floor Lamp with end table is a special mid-century modern tripod table lamp. This lamp will provide you with modern bedside nightstand lighting. It features a walnut attached side table with shelves. You can use the shelves for keeping books, phones, car keys, and other small items. With the USB charging port and power outlet, you can charge your phones.

You can also charge Bluetooth headsets, power banks, tablets, humidifiers, and mini fans. This will provide you will a lot of convenience in the comfort of your home. To wrap it up, this modern floor lamp with attached table is compatible with smart home devices. Smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home assistant.


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