Black Overhanging Floor Lamp

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A minimalist black overhang floor lamp doesn’t just add much-needed warmth and life to your living space and provides a long-lasting, energy-saving light efficiency. It is time for you to level up your home décor game and bring these amazing floor lamps home to compliment your living space.

Brightness is the energy that drives your moods day in and day out. Who doesn’t want to return from a hectic workday to a house that offers perfect comfort and unmatched serenity? You might have already bought comfy rugs, cushions, and mats home for this purpose and still think something is missing. We have found it for you.

Black overhanging floor lamp from Brightech

The BRIGHTECH Logan Arc Floor Lamp proves that style statements and functionality can coexist. This elegant, contemporary floor lamp is sure to turn heads in the next family function and get you compliments from your friends and family.

Why we love BRIGHTECH arc floor lamp so much is that it fits into any type of background; traditional, vintage, mid-century, or modern. This black overhanging floor lamp comes with Alexa and Google Home Assistant Compatibility for smart homes.


This black overhanging floor lamp means you won’t need to leave your cozy bed to switch it off when you are done reading a chapter of your novel at night. The value is completed by its energy-saving LED bulb and 3-year product warranty. BRIGHTECH is for you.

Arched floor lamps for living room

What is better than one lamp? A lamp with three lights! The BRIGHTECH Trilage Arc Floor Lamp is what you get when you mix uniqueness with efficiency and contemporary décor. Have you started to struggle to read in the late hours? Does Grandma have to sit right under the bulb to do her knitting?

A large standing lamp that can hang in just the right place to give you the most ambient and mood-lightening experience. The three arms can be adjusted as per your living space, and the marble base can also slide under the couch to reduce space use.

Overall, The BRIGHTECH Trilage black overhanging floor lamp is the best addition to your modern and artistic home décor.


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