Elegant Black and Cream Floor Lamp

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What are décor floor lamps made of? Metal, glass, and sometimes wood. Wrong. Décor floor lamps are made of elegance, grace, and coziness. No matter if you are a book nerd or into binge-watching, these sleek, stylish black and cream floor lamp will best fit your style sense and will add to your comfort and positivity.

You can place these décor masterpieces in your living room, study area, children’s room, or where ever you feel lively. Their compact designs and eye-pleasing light will never disappoint to add to the living space’s elegance, modern outlook, and positive vibes.

Black and cream floor lamp with ivory shade

If you are looking for something that has both a sturdy design for long-lasting and proves to be a great addition to your home décor, the ADDLON Floor Lamp is a must-try. The floor lamp is marked by a flexible connector for easy assembly, texted shade for a modern touch, and a vintage arc design to suit your furniture.

The high-quality linen beige lampshade and 3-color temperature (white/cool white/ clear white) is sure to add comfort and coziness to your nights, and the heavy base makes sure your floor light stands tall without toppling when junior is playing around.


The lamp offers an easy installation and 3-year support, so complete your room’s best outlook with this elegant piece.

Tall floor lamps with beige shades

ROTTOGOON black and cream floor lamp is another great option for a floor lamp for your living room. For those who can’t settle with a unicolor lamp, this amazing light gear comes with extra shades for you to keep the decoration style of your room on a roll.

Not to worry about the light intensity as the ROTTOGOON Floor Lamp comes with eye-protect soft 3000K warm white light.
This means you can simply put it in your kid’s room without thinking twice. And this is not even the best thing about this lamp.

The best thing is its classic design that compliments your room décor and its energy-saving, long-lasting bulb that will prove its value in more than one way. Still, thinking about what to gift your house this year? Well, you have the answer now. A black and cream floor lamp.


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