Floor Lamp with 4 Lights

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There are special floor lamps and light fixtures that offer both style and function. A good example of such a lamp is a floor lamp with 4 lights. This lighting item features 4 bulbs with 4 lampshades. It is great for bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms, lecture rooms, workshops, and office spaces.

With 4 beautiful lights, this floor lamp will transform any bedroom or living room. It can serve as a beautiful gift for Christmas decoration. Also, it suits any home décor from contemporary to classic designs. This 4 bulb floor lamp is a good fit for farmhouse and industrial use.

Tree floor lamp with 4 lights

You can bring some life to your home with a WOXXX Industrial Black Floor Lamp. This is a modern tree floor lamp designed for use in homes and offices. It is a four light floor lamp because it features 4 brush gold finish shades. Attached to each of the shades are 4 Candelabra E12 base bulbs. The brand behind this beautiful invention is dedicated to providing high-quality modern style home décor.

Also, this floor lamp with 4 lights features a convenient step-on switch attached for simple ON/OFF access. The lamp maintains stability due to its weighted base. The leaves of the shades have minimalistic sleek lines. You can easily reach for your power outlet with the 5.5-foot black power cord.

Lamps floor standing with multiple lights

The Surpars House Sputnik Chandelier Floor Lamp is a unique floor lamp with 4 lights. The light bulbs are covered with a smoky grey glass shade. This 4 head floor lamp has a special artistic design. It is not very bright but great for the night light feeling.

The nice soft light it emits is perfect for the bedroom, living room, or any dark corner in your home. The smoky grey glass balls add a modern feeling to any room. Also, it features an ON/OFF switch with a 118” long power cord. This is a wonderful floor lamp to own as it will complement your interior decorations.

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