Great Cordless Floor Lamp Rechargeable

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It’s not every day you’ll come across unique cordless floor lamps in people’s homes or offices. The ones you’ll see around are basic cordless lamps for reading or performing tasks in dark spaces. How about getting your hands on a rechargeable cordless floor lamp?

This will provide you with light in spaces where you don’t have access to electricity. You should look to get some of the best cordless floor lamps for living room, bedroom, study, patio, guest room, and offices.

Best cordless floor lamp rechargeable for living room

A good example of a quality cordless floor lamp rechargeable is the JALVDE Cordless Table Lamp. This minimalist industry-styled rechargeable floor lamp is simple and easy to operate. This flawless lamp will maintain the aesthetics of your home décor.

It features an aluminum body, 2-level brightness, and a rechargeable powered battery. The warm white lighting that it emits is gentle on the eyes. You can press the lamp button once to enter high brightness mode or press it twice to enter the low brightness mode. To turn off the light, you’ll have to press the button 3 times. At full charge, it lasts for 5 hours. This is the perfect desk lamp for use in a dormitory, bedroom, or restaurant.

Cordless floor lamp rechargeable

The KOZIS Cordless Rechargeable Lamp is designed to delight and specially crafted to last. This 2-in-1 lamp can work as a desk or floor lamp. The package is portable and easy to assemble. It features 3 color temperatures, a dimmable switch, and touch control.

With a 5000 mAH LiPo battery built-in, you can take this cordless floor lamp rechargeable with you anywhere you go. It can provide up to 20 hours of lighting depending on the brightness level. The adjustable gooseneck offers 360-degree flexibility to help you focus the light where you need it. This is a good cordless standing lamp with stepless dimming and 3 color temperatures. It will let you set the desired brightness level depending on the task.

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