Charming Pink and Gold Floor Lamp

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A pink and gold floor lamp although is a very specific niche that might not appeal to all viewers, one cannot deny the sweet vibrancy it adds to any dull space.

Gold has the unique quality of adding value to warm as well as cool colors. As it falls sometimes in the warmer category and other times leans on the cooler side, pink is a color that is almost always enhanced in value when paired with gold. So and pink and gold floor lamp is the answer.

Pink and gold floor lamps for bedroom

Have you ever looked at a flamingo and felt completely in awe of its beautifully unique shade of pink? Well if you want that lovely pink inside your home in the form of a pink gold floor lamp, take a look at Décor Therapy Store’s Framboise Fringe Shade Floor Lamp. This lamp has a gold leaf body that is finished off with a pink fringe falling around the bulb, creating a tassel lampshade.

The lamp has a simple and elegant silhouette and would especially look great displayed in a pastel or white and grey themed room. It comes in two shades of pink and the finishing of gold is purposefully rough, embracing the imperfect perfection of the gold leaf. The gold minimally reflects the pink and gives the illusion of it being a rose gold and pink floor lamp.

Blush pink and gold floor lamp for nursery

If fringes are not your cup of tea and feel slightly flamboyant for your taste, you might like the minimal design and light tinge of pink in the Oneach Store’s Modern Arc Lamp. This lamp has a brass finished body that arcs at the top at a 90-degree angle.

The lamp shade is a soft pink that is almost like a pink tinged white. This makes the lamp likeable for people even if they don’t necessarily agree with the color pink. The lamp has a stylish design and would look superb in any setting of your choice.

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