Appealing Rose Gold Tall Lamp

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What better to satisfy that craving for a peaceful atmosphere than a rose gold tall lamp? Rose gold tall lamps add a certain delicate pleasantness to a room that no other metallic finish compares to.

Gold comes in many shades. One of the most popular after yellow gold is rose gold. This shade is a beautiful gold with a tinge of pink that makes it comfortably pleasing to the eyes. Whenever most people see a rose gold detail, their eyes are left craving for more.

Rose gold tall lamp from Brightech

A simple and linear tall rose gold lamp is the Brightech Montage Modern. This lamp has straight rosy lines with 90 degree turns and a soft white shallow drum lampshade to finish off the look. The lamp can be placed at any corner, next to or above furniture pieces like reading chairs or side tables etc.

The pink of the body acts as a statement that can be paired with a pastel green, Aegean blue, white, grey or even black. Unlike its gold counterpart, the rose gold alternative is a much more soothing shade that would be perfect for not just living room interiors, but bedrooms as well.

Rose gold copper floor lamp

If you’re looking for even more of a statement piece, than you might want to consider the Versanora Arc Lamp with an exquisite rose gold dome lampshade. The curved and lean black body of this rose gold floor lamp supports the rose gold dome and directs it downward like a sugary fruit hanging from a branch.

The design puts emphasis on the dome of the lamp. From heavily decorated to minimally adorned interiors, this lamp can uplift any room. In a minimal room especially, this coppery rose gold tall lamp will grab all the attention to itself and is enough to make the aesthetic look finished and tied together.

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