Blue and Gold Floor Lamp Adds Tone

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It is no secret that blue and gold together achieve a glorious finesse and charm. As with any other item, a blue and gold floor lamp is no exception. If your interior leans on the cooler side of the spectrum, a blue gold floor lamp will match the coolness, whereas the gold will add a nominal detail that might neutralize the cold atmosphere and add some sophistication while it does so.

Some brass lamps have a darker finish on the brass which only a gold sheen on them. This combination is almost as magical and royal as the brighter one. This option however, is much more weighted visually. This means that this blue and gold floor lamp needs to be placed in front of a lighter background to balance out the whole picture.

An example of the latter is the Possini Euro Design Store’s Blue and Brass lamp. This blue and gold floor lamp has a royal blue lampshade with a black body that has a slight gold sheen, giving the lamp an almost gothic look. The lamp has an overall darker outlook, which means that it will get lost in the background if you’ve got darker walls.

However, if you have lighter walls, the lamp will stand out as an almost silhouette like piece with blue and gold details. This will display the lamp in all its glory.

Metal blue and gold floor lamp with a table

Another lamp that leans more towards the light and bright side is the Hsyile Modern Standing Light. This product is not just a lamp, but a side coffee table as well. The shape is a beautiful double curved structure that supports both the lamp and the table and is mounted on a white marble base that prevents it from toppling over.

This blue and gold floor lamp adds utility as well as visual value to a room. It seems like a sculptural element and catches your attention as soon as you walk in. The blue is a wonderfully light and calming shade reminiscent of s clear blue sky. Overall, this cheap gold floor lamp is an all in one accessory for your living room or reading room.


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