Creating a Compelling Outdoor Design with Patio Floor Lamps

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Patio floor lamps can be used as a great addition to make a patio space more beautiful and increase its functionality into the evening. The floor lamp can complete a furniture plan by giving it the look of an indoor living space that is thoughtfully designed and well curated to convey a strong sense of style. Using a floor lamp in your patio can help to transform your outdoor patio into a space as beautifully designed as any indoor space.

Depending on the use of your patio you can simply arrange the space as you would an interior room. This includes how you choose to light the space. Whether that be decorative lighting or task lighting to serve a specific purpose and help you utilize the patio to its full potential. It is very important to incorporate enough lighting to make your patio functional in the evenings if you intend to use it after dark.

Similarly, to any space in your home the type of lighting you can use ranges from overhead lighting to table lamps and floor lamps. Incorporating multiple sources of light on your patio will help to develop the strongest sense of design. An outdoor floor lamp is a very versatile lighting element that can be used in many ways on your patio and can really help to make the space stand out.

For example, if you use your patio space for dining consider locating the patio floor lamp off-side of the main dining area to provide a diffused ambient light. This will help to bring an inviting feeling to the space. If you have a casual seating arrangement on your patio you can place the floor lamp beside a patio sofa or chair to create a nicely lit seating area. The proximity to a floor lamp will add a layer of ambience to the space that makes it more welcoming.

You can also use the patio floor lamp as a decorative element on your patio. Consider creating a symmetrical balance of light to help give the space a more elegant or formal appearance. A symmetrical balance of lighting does not necessarily mean you have an exact mirrored design, but the elements should create a balanced effect to create symmetry.

You may choose to use traditional or more contemporary lighting styles to compliment the design of your space. This design can work with the architectural style of your building to create a cohesive appearance to tie the whole appearance together.

You may also want to think about if your building is warm or cool toned and if you want to bring elements of the buildings coloring into the patio design and incorporate that into your lighting design. When you consider the style such as modern, or traditional, it will help to inform what kind of design will look good in your patio.

Patio floor lamps for your design style

When choosing a patio floor lamp, you likely want it to create a cohesive feeling with the rest of your patio furniture. There are almost endless design styles available and outdoor floor lamps to work with whatever style you enjoy.

Here are a few samples of floor lamps that could be used to suit specific styles, including traditional design, modern style, bohemian, and tropical styles. If these designs suit your patio style you may want to incorporate one of these to help enhance your space and give it a more inviting and hospitable quality.


This lovely traditional style floor lamp is finished in a weathered coquina finish to give it elements of depth and texture. The classic decorative silhouette makes the lamp give off an elegant and chic appearance. It offers a neutral and warm cream color profile that makes it versatile enough to suit almost any color palette in your space.

The floor lamp is designed specifically for outdoor use and because of this, features great qualities, such as a well-balanced base weight. It is designed so that it will not be affected by wind, but it is still light enough to be easily moved when needed. It also has a Terylene performance fabric shade that is suitable for all weather conditions.

The shade is made of a solution dyed acrylic that makes it fade proof and weather resistant. Allowing it to maintain its vibrant coloring year after year. Which is an excellent feature for an outdoor use patio floor lamp

Modern Style

If you are looking for a patio floor lamp to suit a modern or even rustic style design this natural slate floor lamp would be a great choice. Its geometric design gives it a strong modern profile. The natural slate and black metal base work together to create a stylish and masculine design.

The large light shade is a tapered rectangular shape that helps to direct light downward. The warm toned tan color of the shade helps the lamp to create a warm glowing diffused light. Creating an excellent light feature to suit your patio and give it an ambient light feature.

Its decorative appearance is complimented by its great structural features. It offers a bulb shield that protects the light bulb and other electrical features without hindering the level of light. Unlike standard lampshades designed for indoor use this floor lamps shade offers a high-quality terylene solution dyed acrylic meaning that it will hold its color for many years, regardless of changing weather conditions.

Bohemian Style

This outdoor floor lamp offers a beautiful bohemian design to your patio space. The woven globe shade covers the sturdy metal frame and adds a beautiful organic styled detail to the design. The floor lamp offers a soft ambient level of lighting perfect to set the tone in your seating area.

The light comes with an all-weather cord making it suitable for outdoor use and the light bulb is protected from the elements with a plastic bulb cover. It is important to consider how your floor lamp will perform in its intended location, and this one offers lots of benefits making it a great addition to your patio that will last through many seasons.

Tropical Style

This tall rattan pillar floor lamp can give your patio space a touch of tropical flare. The faux rattan shade is made of a durable material that will not fade over time and mimics the texture and feel of natural rattan. The design of the rattan floor lamp provides elements of texture and pattern to your space to create an additional element of interest in your space.

The rich tones are accented with bronze and a textured cream shade interior. The design is inspired by Polynesian influences and provides a lovely organic appearance that is reminiscent of a tropical oasis or resort.

An added benefit of this patio floor lamp is that it has two lighting sources, operated with a 3-way switch. Using both together provides area-filling light but used separately can help to create a subtle glow in your space. The multiple lighting options make it a very practical choice that can help to elevate your space and change the atmosphere depending on the time of day and lighting needs.

What floor lamps can be used outdoors?

Outdoor floor lamps provide a similar function to an indoor floor lamp. They can provide ambient or task lighting for your patio. While they serve a similar function, they are designed specially to withstand the elements.

One of the main features of an outdoor light fixture that is not required in an indoor floor lamp is that it is rated for use in wet areas.

The rating system used to identify whether a light can be used in dry or wet conditions is the UL rating system. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) provides a code to identify what locations a light fixture is suitable for. This includes the following codes:

UL listed – Dry Locations
o Labeled with “UL Listed”, are suitable for dry locations such as living rooms, dining
rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and kitchens

UL Listed – Damp Locations
o Labeled “Suitable for damp locations” can be used in bathtubs, utility rooms, showers,
and indoor pool areas

UL Listed – Wet Locations
o Labeled “Suitable for Wet Locations” can be used in wet locations indoor and outdoors
including open patios, outdoor dining areas, gazebos and pathways.

This means that it is not a safe choice to put an indoor floor lamp outdoors. Because they are not sealed against moisture, it will be ruined after the first rain. The outdoor weather conditions can also lead to corrosion of the electrical components and make the lamp an electrocution hazard.

What if I don’t have electrical wiring access in my patio?

If this is the case, you have a few options available. You may consider using a solar powered floor lamp or one with a rechargeable battery. Each have their own unique benefits.

Solar Power Outdoor Floor Lamps

While many patio floor lamps require outlets, there are also great floor lamp options that work with solar power.

This comes with a variety of benefits. They offer an environmentally friendly option that not only can reduce your carbon footprint by offering light from a renewable energy source, but it also provides a low-cost solution for lighting. You will not have to worry about additional costs to your electrical energy bill.

This solar powered patio floor lamp would be the perfect addition to a patio. Its decorative shade provides an intricate lighting design.
It is made of a high-quality metal base that makes it a sturdy and durable option. The tripod base gives it an extra stable structure. After receiving a full day of sun, the floor lamp can provide light for 6-8 hours.

This Resin Wicker floor lamp is a versatile look and could suit a wide range of aesthetics. It also offers a solar power design that can provide up to 8 hours of light.

The frame is high quality PE plastic rattan hand-woven design that is suitable for all weather and is fade proof. It is on a powder coated steel frame the provides a strong base and is rust proof.

Chargeable Outdoor Floor Lamps

Another option if you do not have access to wiring in the location or you would prefer a look without cords, there are options of outdoor patio floor lamps with chargeable lamps. The benefit of these lights is that they can be placed any where in your layout without having to worry about if it will be able to reach an outlet or if the cord will be a tripping hazard and unlike the solar powered lamps you do not have to worry about if the light got enough sun during the day to charge it.

This outdoor floor lamp with a contemporary design is operated with a rechargeable battery making it an excellent option for a patio where it may be frequently moved or does not have access to an outlet.

The sleek metal base is suitable for any contemporary or modern styles.
It is made of a power coated iron that is UV stabilized to make it a high quality and durable product. The shade is made of a light silvery grey Sunbrella performance fabric that is weather resistant and will not fade over time. All these elements work together to create a wonderfully functional and beautiful floor lamp that is versatile enough for many spaces.

The rechargeable battery lasts between 24 to 72 hours depending on the lighting setting it is being operated on, ranging from low, medium, high and max. Determining the level of light that you desire.Charging the battery only takes between 3 to 8 hours to full charge.

Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Patio Lighting

• Remember to consider how much light each floor lamp will emit and what function you want it to serve. If you are looking to illuminate a dining space in your patio you may need to place a
few light sources around to illuminate shadows and create a strong atmosphere. You can try mix and matching different lighting styles to create a balanced design.

• Keep in mind the shape of the light and how the light will shine in the space. The light fixtures shape and the design of the shade will all impact how the light is directed.

• You can use floor lamps to accentuate certain design elements on your patio at night. This can help to showcase architectural features and highlight a seating area.