Cool Office Floor Lamps

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Is your office feeling a little too bland? Complete the look of your office interior with these cool office floor lamps by placing them near your office desk or corner of your home office! Adding a bit of light can help you feel more energetic and productive.

Plus, they provide plenty of illumination for completing tasks or just reading a book. You might be surprised by how much of a difference they can make. The lights should be adjustable, depending on the need and mood of the person working on the table. So why not add one of these lamps to your office today? You’ll love the results!

Unique floor lamps for office use

Step into a whole new light with the 63’’ tall Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp. The lamp is featured with a twist-combining a display shelf and bookshelf with a modern Asian lamp tower.

This narrow nightstand lamp can be used in your bedroom, living room, or even in your office to serve as a space-saving interior item. Because of slim design, it will fit into the compact spaces and make a functional accent table.

This modern Japanese column lamp includes a 9.5 watt led bulb and delivers the best-LED technology with a super long 20,000 hour LED life. These cool office floor lamps comes with an easy installation and 3 years warranty, saves money and energy with this Maxwell shelf lamp, and brings style and elegance to your home.

Cool office floor lamps for sale

If you are looking for a high brightness torchiere floor lamp that can light up an entire room. The Brightech SkyDome Double is the one for you.

This amazing lamp can enhance any room of your home or office with its stylish design. The flexible neck allows you to adjust the direction of the light so that it illuminates where you need it most. The lamp includes 3 16 watts led bulbs with a generous 20,000 hours life included in the package, and fixtures offer a 3-level brightness to choose from- what an innovative power-saving feature.

So, get these cool office floor lamps you need without breaking your bank. Want more? Unlike incandescent bulbs, which heat up quickly and can cause burns, LEDs don’t get hot, which means you can touch the lamp without getting burned.

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