Different Styles of Standing Lamp for Your Space

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Floor lamps are a crucial part of any home decorating project. A standing lamp can add new depths to your lighting plan and add unique decorative features. Whether they are added to bring new levels of intimacy to a room or for specific task lighting.

Standing lamps help to shape the mood and style of any room and can totally transform your home. The style of floor lamp you choose can enhance the décor in your home and add additional light that works as a part of your lighting plan.

Tripod floor lamps

A tripod floor lamp is a great article to bring into your space. This unusual type of standing lamp provide a stylish statement piece that can add a touch of modern, mid-century, or industrial style to your space, depending on the design. The design creates a strong and stable base that is perfect for any room of your home!

The Sunmory Wood Tripod Floor Lamp is a great example of a contemporary design that could fit perfectly into any space. It offers a dimmable lamp that allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your needs and can be adjusted in 3 color temperatures. This makes it perfect for creating ambient lighting in your bedroom, living room, or office.

The lamp has a snap-in linen lampshade that is a beautiful design feature. The linen material helps to make an hourglass lighting direction through the shade’s openings. Creating a homey atmosphere, that can fit into almost any space with its adjustable base. Allowing you to change its footprint to fit into the space requirements of your home.

A standing lamp in a living room

Incorporating a floor lamp into your living room can completely transform the space. It can act as a lighting solution for a certain area of the room, or more of a decorative piece. Having multiple layers of lighting is a key to creating any well-designed space.

Designers agree that having three layers of lighting is needed to create the best functional and aesthetic space. Floor lamps in your living room can fill multiple lighting requirements. Including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.

A great option for your living room would be the Stone & Beam Metal Frame Floor Lamp. It offers a versatile design that could fit into almost any space. The design is inspired by art-deco styles and features a sturdy four leg base with a sophisticated linen lamp shade.

Black Floor Lamp

A black floor lamp can be a great option for your space. The neutral color allows them to fit perfectly into any color scheme and can transition into any changing styles you may have.

The Décor Therapy Floor Lamp with a Black Base could be the perfect piece for you to incorporate a black floor lamp into your space. It offers a traditional design with its organic shaped base. Giving it a classy style that can help to bring any room together.

The neutral design of this standing lamp will allow it to fit perfectly into any style whether modern or traditional and anywhere in between. The lampshade design allows it to be used in a variety of ways whether it is to be used as a reading lamp beside a chair or to add some light into a dark corner of the room

Gold Floor Lamp

Choosing a gold floor lamp is a great option if you are looking to add a luxurious texture and material to your space. Gold is versatile and can fit into a large range of color schemes and help to bring together different materials in your space.

If you are looking for a gold floor lamp you may want to try out the JoJocom Industrial Gold Floor Lamp. Its design offers a golden frame with hanging clear glass shade. The metal body in gold offers a variety elegant and classic design that can fit into a huge range of spaces. Whether you enjoy minimalist, modern or vintage styles this lamp could be for you.

The gold finish of this standing lamp is electroplated meaning that it is extra shiny, smooth and wear resistant. Making it look even more high-end and luxurious. Making it perfect for almost any room of the house including bedrooms, living rooms, studies, kids room or home office.

The design also offers a strong and sturdy base. Making it suitable for all flooring types, even carpet. The heavy base makes it sturdy and unlikely to tip when bumped, making it a great option for a space with kids or pets.

Modern Floor Lamps

Modern standing lamp designs are one of the most popular styles. The modern design style utilizes natural materials, neutral and earthy colors, and more simplistic design styles the eliminates more ornate decorations and detailing. Many modern design styles use symmetry to create a sense of balance.

Choosing to bring a modern floor lamp into your space can bring an element of style to your space. The simplistic design styles create a light and high-end design that can fit into many homes. The modern designs can be done in a variety of colors that make it perfect to fit into your home.

This Silver Standing Lamp with a White Shade is a great modern option for your home. The sleek design gives it a minimalist look that is perfect for your modern home design. The metal base offers long-lasting strength and stability that compliment its sleek design. Fitting perfectly into a variety of spaces from bedrooms, kids’ room, or office. In any style from contemporary to traditional. The choice is yours how you want to pair this versatile modern piece.

Another benefit of this type of standing lamp is that offers is having a small footprint. Making it perfect to fit into small spaces, fitting in perfectly in corners, behind a chair or beside a bed.

Floor Lamp with Shelves

A floor lamp with shelves can be a versatile piece for your space. Not only does it provide beautiful lighting to your home, but it also provides additional shelving. That can display décor pieces and be an added element into your home design.

This Rosen Garden Floor Lamp is a unique accent standing lamp piece for your space. The gold design is perfectly suited to a variety of spaces. Easily fitting into elegant and luxurious designs ranging from modern to traditional décor.

The shelves provide additional space for storing décor. The shelves are made of luxe faux marble that adds additional elegance to the design.

Wooden Floor Lamp

A wooden floor lamp adds a natural element to your space that is very versatile. Choosing wood as a material for your space has so many benefits ranging from its great durability that allows it to last for many years. Its aesthetic qualities allow it to fit into many different styles and can help to tie a look together, bringing in a beautiful warm and homely quality. The different varieties of wood offer very different looks, choosing a light or dark wood for a standing lamp can create a totally different effect and transform the atmosphere. The endless option of wooden floor lamps allows you to choose from different stains, or painted wood options paired in a variety of styles.

This Adesso Floor Lamp is a great option for anyone looking for a wood floor lamp. It offers a rustic and vintage style that can suit many looks. The natural linen shade compliments the warmth of the walnut finish. The base is designed in a crisscross shape giving it a modern element with clean lines. It is a great product for any space as it is versatile with its compact footprint and beautiful design. Making it perfect for any living room, bedroom, entry way, or office.

Another great wooden standing lamp option in a more traditional decorative style is the Uttermost Boydton Burnished Honey Stain floor lamp. It has brushed coffee bronze plated finish over iron construction to add a touch of metal to the design.

Creating a contemporary atmosphere in your space. The bowed frame of the base creates a natural and organic feeling to the design that accentuates the beautiful qualities of the wood.
The base is complimented with the beautiful design of the shade. It is a round light beige linen fabric hardback drum shade with natural slubbing. That helps to diffuse the light into your room creating a warm ambience.

Arc Lamp Floor

An arc floor lamp is a design inspired by mid-century design stye. The mid-century design style is making a large comeback in recent years and has grown in popularity. The arc style floor lamp is one of the most iconic standing lamp styles of the 20th century and continues to be a great choice to add an element of style to your home. The unique shape and style of an arc floor lamp offers the benefits of an overhead light without the need for installation.

Today you can get an arc floor lamp to fit almost any design style or space requirements making it a great choice to incorporate into your home today.

This standing lamp option, the GoBright Arc Floor Lamp, is right for you if you enjoy the classic look of an arc floor lamp it offers a large drum lampshade and curved base. It is adjustable to allow you to change the height to suit the needs of your space. The stylish arc shape is perfect to have hanging over a sofa, desk or in your bedroom. Its beautiful design is versatile and can suit many different spaces. Matching décor including modern, contemporary, industrial, mid century or even traditional!

The base of this arc lamp is sleek and can easily be slid under a sofa, or accent chair to give it an almost nonexistent footprint. The telescopic and adjustable arc can more add up to 40” to the height. The heavy weight helps to give it a stable base that is wobble free and won’t get knocked over.

An exciting feature it offers is built in smart technology that is compatible with Alexa, google home and apple HomeKit. Giving you the option to turn it on and off with your voice. Alternatively, it offers a foot switch that is easy and convenient for turning the light off and on without bending down.

Another great option for an arc floor lamp is the Safavieh Nickel Arc Floor Lamp. It offers an even larger arc great for any space in your home. The nickel metal compliments the neutral cotton lampshade. Giving you a great overhead lighting fixture without the hassle of having to install a ceiling light. The design offers a mid-century style that is modernized to suit today’s tastes. Giving you the perfect addition to your home décor.

Lamp Floor IKEA

Another aspect that draws people to IKEA’s products are their ethical practices. They offer employees a living wage and ethically source a majority of their materials and products. Whether through hand woven rugs, or artisan made products IKEA cares about the chain of production and how a product makes it to your home.

A classic option is the IKEA Barlast Floor Lamp. This standing lamp offers a metal base with a white lampshade. The lampshade provides diffused light that will spread around the room and create an ambient source of lighting. The shade gives the space a soft, glare free light that is easy on your eyes.

Another great IKEA floor lamp option is the IKEA Holmo Lamp. Its cylindrical lampshade is 9” in diameter with a 46” high profile. The rice paper shade provides a beautiful ambient light source. Creating soft diffused light. The beautiful floor lamp combines function, quality and design and combines it with affordable pricing and sustainability. It is the perfect addition to any dark corner of your home and will add an element of glare free lighting that is perfect for a family room or bedroom.