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While it’s nice to have a working office with lots of natural light, sometimes you need more bright light for viewing your projects. Floor standing office lamps are ideal for filling this role and come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs to suit everyone’s needs. Brighten up your workplace with the best standing lamps.

These home office floor lamps are aesthetically designed to shower excellent light to every nook and corner where you need it. They are also made adjustable, so if you are busy working at one spot, you can easily focus the light on that area by keeping it closer to you. These floor standing office lamps give out a comfortable, cozy warmth of light perfect for your room.

Best floor lamp for home office

BOOSTAREA is a smart light for your home. It’s an innovative and stylish lamp, which combines 9W main light with 4W sidelights and works seamlessly with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The app on your smartphone can control this lamp, and it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa-powered devices.

It features eco-friendly LED bulbs that are energy-efficient and safe. This best floor lamp for the office has been designed to offer the best lighting experience when reading, writing, or watching television. It features two portable gooseneck lamps that can be adjusted according to your needs and preference.

The lamp is easy to assemble without any tools required and compatible with smart devices.

Bright floor standing office lamps

DIMUNT LED floor lamp is more than just a lamp. It’s your lighting assistant that can be controlled by your smartphone or with the included remote control. The creatively designed desk floor lamp is a superb choice for adding a touch of elegance and class to your office space.

The minimalist design does not require much space to fit in, making it even more appealing. This office standing lamp can provide super bright light, and with the exclusive eye protection dimming function, you can adjust the light as per your requirements. It’s easy to install and perfect for reading, playing games, watching movies late at night.

You can also change the floor standing office lamps brightness from 0 – 100% and adjust the light color from warm white to daylight white.


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