Gorgeous Patio Floor Solar Lights

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Why consider patio floor solar lights at all ?When you think of a bonfire, some of you may automatically associate it with the feeling of warmth and the sound of your friends laughing, telling stories. It probably isn’t feasible for anyone to set up a bonfire every night to relive that feeling and keep it close, but it is possible to create that visual effect and atmosphere by using flickering lamps that remind you of the flame from a cozy fire.

Waterproof patio floor solar lights

Although these all-weather solar patio lamps will not provide you with actual warmth, they definitely will provide with the same atmosphere and aesthetic comfort that a fire pit brings. One of these lamps is the SIKOT Solar Torch Light.

These lamps are shaped like fire torches that can be placed along any border walls or landscaped pathways these can also be placed on your patio.

Patio lamps outdoor lighting

These LED outdoor floor light torch lamps work on solar power and accumulate enough energy in six to eight hours to be able to function from dusk till dawn. Because of their water resistant nature, they can also be placed along swimming pools or fish ponds. They have three modes for their lighting, enabling you to choose the one you like the most. The aesthetic of these lamps is traditional and ornamental.

Waterproof outdoor lamps

Another solar powered flickering outdoor lamp is the Outdoor Solar Torch. Its silhouette resembles a something similar to a barbecue grill and a metal fire pit. It has a large bowl with beautiful patterned negative voids carved out, displaying exquisite shadows when turned on.

This bowl is placed on a tripod. Both of these solar lamps bring a unique and vibrant quality to your outdoor spaces. So if you’re a fan of campfires and patterns, take a look at these patio floor solar lights and light a fire every evening.

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