Stunning MCM Arc Floor Lamp

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You can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and living room with the MCM Arc Floor Lamp. This is a mid-century modern arc lamp. Designed to illuminate bedrooms and living rooms in style. This lamp is suitable for all kinds of room decorations and artistic designs. It is the perfect lamp for reading, sleeping, working, or even going live on social media. Most MCM arc floor lamps are smart outlet compatible, so you can be sure to connect them with your smart devices. Unlike the vintage mid-century arc floor lamp, the modern designs are classical.

MCM arc floor lamp at Amazon

When it comes to lighting your home with an MCM arc floor lamp, you should look no further than Adesso. This lighting brand manufactured the unique Adesso Bowery 3-Arm Arc Lamp. This is a lamp that features grey tweed-like fabric lampshades. Also, it comes with a brushed steel finish.

This MCM arc floor lamp is a special décor floor lamp that provides overhead lighting in any space. It features a white marble base that provides stability. The lampshades carry 3 different 100W Incandescent bulbs. With a rotary switch located on the pole, you can control the brightness of the lights. This arc floor lamp modern display will light up your room in style.

Stylish contemporary floor lamp

Elevate your home décor with a Contemporary Arc Floor Lamp manufactured by VerRon. This is a unique modern marble floor lamp designed with fashionable arching poles. With its well-tasted stylish design, you can hang it over your sofa or couch. This modern LED arc floor lamp features double fabric lampshades.

The VerRon floor lamp also features a heavy-duty marble base, and a convenient foots witch. This lamp combines modern and vintage styles. While providing different color temperatures to create various atmospheres. You can adjust this MCM standing lamp with arching poles. This will make the poles meet your lighting demands.

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