Modern Floor Lamp with Table

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One of the latest creations in the interior décor industry is the Modern Floor Lamp with Table. This table lamp combo is not only a table but also a floor lamp. It features USB charging ports to provide convenience whenever you need to charge your electronic devices.

Most tables found in this set are made of aluminum to avoid rust. They are also very solid in that they ensure the lamp doesn’t fall off. The floor lamp with table and USB port looks gorgeous and durable.

Modern floor lamp with table combination and charging unit (USB ports)

The All-Aluminum Side Table with Lamp is a beautiful floor lamp for bedrooms, guest rooms, and living rooms. It features an end table with USB charging ports. This is a quality Modern Nightstand with Lamp. The white lampshade shines so bright that it can illuminate any dark room.

This modern floor lamp with table also features a knob step-less dimming switch for controlling the lighting. Included in the pack of this floor lamp with table is the ST19 bulb. You will get to save space with this slim table lamp. Also, it features a spacious shelf for keeping books, magazines, photo frames, and even laptops.

Modern floor lamp with shelf

Improve the lighting in your home with Saridi Floor Lamp. This modern floor lamp comes with shelves. This lamp has transformed the innovative floor lamp industry by bringing convenience to homes and offices. It even warms up rooms in the best possible way. Some of the key features include; 3 Temperatures LED Bulb, a Pull Switch, and a Solid Wooden Partition.

The LED bulb is adjustable with each mode designed to protect the eyes. The pulling zipper allows you to choose the most satisfactory light bulb mode. The open frame is strong enough to carry items like family portraits and plants. This is a modern floor lamp with table to add to your collections.

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