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Enhance the elegance of your office with the office floor lamps Amazon sells, such as a compact yet modern 15 watts LED tall lamps with adjustable poles – all you need to brighten up your workspace. Possessing tons of smart features, the Addlon LED Floor Lamp is sure to be your next favorite- never thinking to go back to your halogen lamps.

Place one of these office floor lamps Amazon sells near your home office desk or beside your side table, perfect to fit any interior décor. Moreover, the sturdy base completes both lamps’ sleek design, minimizing their chances to trip over for your child’s safety. Combine this perfectly minimalist design style and modern light performance to enjoy your working hour more.

Amazon floor lamps for offices

Experience a warm, bright light in your office, living room, or bedroom with the LASTAR LED Modern Floor Lamp, possessing 66 evenly distributed LEDs and a 360ᵒ adjustable lamp.

A simple foot touch button allows you to easily toggle through color temperatures ranging from 3000K (Warm) to 6000K (Cool), as well as four different brightness levels. This floor lamp features a built-in 80-minute timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. If your office or living room lighting needs a change, switch to this 64″ tall, smart space-saving floor lamps with a touch of style.

Office floor lamps Amazon is selling now

If you want something different, Dimunt Smart LED Floor Lamp is a cost-effective, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lamp, in short, a perfect replacement for traditional halogen lamps and incandescence lamps. Stepless and adjustable color temperature & brightness- 3000K warm white light for reading and study, 6000K white light for daily lighting.

What else about office floor lamps Amazon sells? This minimalist LED floor lamp’s 10% -100% brightness can be easily adjusted by holding down the touch power switch on the pole. So, meet all your different needs with this floor lamp. Isn’t it interesting? Besides, it comes with a 1-hour timer to save electricity and convenience. Plus, the lamp head is flexible, making it the best to fit in small spaces easily.

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