Patio Floor Lights

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There is growing popularity for patio floor lights. Ever since Coronavirus hit, people have realized the importance of utilizing every part of their homes in an effective manner. They have also realized the importance of outdoor spaces in their homes, like gardens, patios, terraces and courtyards.

Outdoor lights are a little trickier than your regular indoor lights. Which is why you have a variety of lamps specifically designed to be outdoor floor lamps for patio. Outdoor standing lamps are waterproof and a lot more resilient to wear and tear than indoor lamps.

Patio living outdoor floor lamps can be installed near hedges, on the grass or your patio floor, depending on what it is that you require.

LED outdoor patio floor lights

To start with, let us take the example of the Grand Patio Outdoor Solar Powered Resin Wicker Floor Lamp. If your lawn furniture is made out of a wicker weave, this patio floor lamp will look like a part of the set. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t look great with any other kind of outdoor furniture.

Because of its dark gray neutral color, it can complement any style of patio furniture. One great thing about this lamp is that it has a small solar panel on top and has a rechargeable battery. This allows you to charge it during the day and use it in the evening.

All weather / waterproof outdoor floor lamps

If your preferences are more inclined towards contemporary or industrial outdoor patio floor lights BRIMMEL Outdoor Solar Landscape Floor Lamp could be a good choice for you. This lamp has a simple cuboid frame with a cylindrical light inside. The hollow form itself is visually light and doesn’t block your view. This lamp is one step ahead of the first option, as it has a motion sensor.

Cordless outdoor floor lamp

Also being solar powered, this patio lamp has an additional option that lets you choose the brightness of the light. This lets you use the lamp for your patio rendezvous, as well as keep it turned on at minimum brightness through the night.

If to save energy and not effect your natural ecosystem, you prefer to keep your patio floor lights off when unused, the motion sensor option is a great advantage and is better for your garden’s flora as well. All of these points make this lamp a much better option in utility, as well as environmentally.

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