Best Designer Floor Lamps Now!

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You can beautify your home décor with some of the best designer floor lamps out of the Art Nouveau Movement. There’s a traditional touch attached to the glass shades design of these modern floor lamps. They feature energy-saving LED bulbs and are compatible with smart outlets. These are safe lamps to use in homes with children and pets. Aside from illuminating your home with warm lights; designer floor lamps are classic. They will make a stylish addition to any bedroom, living room, or office space. They are highly reliable and offer lighting satisfaction.

Best designed floor lamps

If you love art, you will love the Tiffany-style 71” Torchiere LED Floor Lamp. This torchiere floor lamp makes for a stunning addition to your home. This is because of its beautifully-styled glass shades. It is one of the finest designer floor lamps to come out of the Art Nouveau Movement. The JONATHAN Y brand manufactured this bronze modern floor lamp.

This, among the best designer floor lamps, will illuminate your home with warm light. This floor lamp has a designer lampshade finished with high-end details. It features soft-white LED bulbs, an easy foot-step switch, and an elegant weighted base. The elegant handcrafted shade with leaf design comes in different colors. This includes shades of Green, Ivory, and Cream color designs.

Beautifully designed Tiffany floor lamp

The Tiffany Floor Lamp Sea Blue Dragonfly Light is a torchiere standing corner torch. It is the perfect size floor lamp for lighting any room in your home. The sleek modern floor lamp design makes will look dazzling wherever you place it. This is a great lighting option for you if you want a modern art floor lamp. It features a bronze-finish metal base to provide stability.

While mineral oil protects the 12-inch-wide glass shade. This lamp will create a nice comfortable glow and a comforting feeling in your home. So, you can enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones.

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