Superb Brightech Orion 5 LED Modern Floor Lamp

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The Brightech brand manufactures some of the best modern floor lamps for homes. This modern floor lamp will provide a lighting solution for the darkest corners of your home. A good example is the Brightech Orion 5 LED modern floor lamp. The Brightech Maxwell LED shelf floor Lamp modern design is also a unique creation. You can match them to any modern ad minimalist design. It is great for urban and contemporary living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Aside from the lighting, this floor lamp will mark a unique presence in your home.

Superb Brightech Orion 5 LED Modern Floor Lamp

Have you seen the brilliant contemporary Brightech Orion 5 LED Modern Floor Lamp? It is a multi-head floor lamp that earns visitors’ admiration. It is a tall sturdy standing arched floor lamp with flexible rotating LED lights. Brightech Maxwell LED shelf floor lamp modern standing lamp generates warm bright lights. Hence, making it great for use in dorms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

When it comes to product specifications; the Orion LED Modern Floor Lamp stands out. Each of the heads has 4.5-watt built-in LED bulbs. And 3000-kelvin color temperature lights with 2250 Lumens. While the bulbs are not dimmable, you can operate them simultaneously.

..and the Brightech Maxwell floor lamp

Like the Brightech Maxwell, this lamp can be easily assembled. Also, with its bright illumination, you don’t have to strain your eyes while reading or writing. This elegant trendy corner lamp is ideal for many styles of home décor. Imagine getting a simple minimalist lamp that fits into any space in your home? That’s what you get with the Brightech Maxwell shelf floor lamp.

The Brightech Orion LED Floor Lamp comes with amazing features and benefits. Some of which include; a sturdy weighted base. An easy-to-operate ON/OFF Switch. An easy-to-read instruction diagram, and an oil-rubbed bronze metal structure design. The only downside to this lamp is that the curve of the lamp head cannot be adjusted. That said, the benefits are amazing and worth the price.

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