Brightech Helix 48 Modern LED Floor Lamp

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The elegant style of Brightech Helix 48 Modern Floor Lamp provides a bright lighting solution in homes and offices. This is a designer modern floor LED lamp that features a twisted fixture tall pole with 1400 lumens of dimmable lighting. The gently twisted fixture pole stands at 48” tall. This is the perfect 3 light modern floor lamp for bedroom, living room, and office space. It will match any contemporary living room décor while adding a touch of elegance to the designs.

Brightech Helix 48 Modern LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Helix 48 modern LED floor lamp is super bright and great for mood lighting. With the special lighting modes, you can spice up the lighting condition in your home. It’s a good way of adding positive vibes to the atmosphere.

Modern luxury floor lamps will add the perfect accent needed for welcoming visitors. They are useful no matter your room décor. Be it minimalist, urban, contemporary, or futurist, this tall standing lamp will fit in. You will be glad to have this lamp in your home. It is worth every penny.

Brightech LED floor lamps

This 3-way dimmable floor lamp has a built-in foot pedal dimmer switch. With this feature, you can control the brightness level of the lamp. Hence, why this modern LED floor light is good as a nightstand in bedrooms or as a reading light in offices. Also, it features a weighted base. This prevents it from falling over, making it safe around kids and pets.

Finally, the LED lights don’t generate heat, so you don’t have to worry about it raising your room temperature. These lamps are the perfect modern bright floor lamps for various occasions. So, get this lamp if you need a versatile stand-up light. It matches several ranges of décor in homes, look no further than Brightech Helix 48 modern LED floor lamp. It is low-energy efficient and saves power.

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