MCM Arc Lamp

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An MCM Arc lamp is a mid-century modern arc lamp designed to add elegance to your home or office. It will lift your mood while having conversations. It will even help you earn compliments on how amazing your interior lighting looks. This lamp is a modern metal floor lamp because of the materials used in building the lamp. You can position an MCM arc lamp at any angle you want. This is why an arc floor lamp mid-century design lamp is great for everyone. Aside from the quality lampshade designs, MCM arc lamps have a heavy and sturdy base.

Brightech MCM arc lamp

A top choice in this category is the Brightech Logan Arc Floor Lamp. This is a bright standing lamp designed for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. It will match any modern living room décor, making it a mid-century floor lamp target choice. Also, it is a tall hanging floor lamp with a stunning black marble base.

The marble base features gorgeous white lines to make the lamp one-of-a-kind. It is versatile and will make an impact in any space. This exceptional mid-century floor light will add bright illumination to mid-century modern spaces.

Another Brightech arched floor lamp

The Brightech Olivia Floor Lamp is a special arc lamp designed for living rooms. This standing lamp uses LED light bulbs to light up rooms for reading or working. Also, its 9” domed metal shade and trendy gold hue will beautify your home décor styles. This includes urban, modern, contemporary, industrial, and mid-century modern.

This gold mid-century floor lamp is a sophisticated mcm arc lamp that will match your style. This is a tall lamp to stand up over your living room couch, making it the perfect mid-century modern pole lamp. The metal base will slide under your sectional. You can position the arc to parallel or cross above the couch.

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